Tutorial time! I’m so excited to share this post with you today!

Do I have to mention that I have flat hair again? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse at this point. But I do. So I’m always trying to make it look bigger and more full. One of my secrets? Hot rollers!

I’m showing you all of the products I use to blow-dry & style my hair so that it has extra volume, extra bounce, and looks extra fullllll! Take a peek! XO

All products used:

Aussie Volumizing Mousse // Cote Sea Style Spray // Goldwell Root Lifter // Conair Hot Rollers (similar set) //Macadamia Curl Enhancing Spray // Pantene Hairspray

Any other hot roller lovers out there?!


15 comments on “BIG & BOUNCY Hair Tutorial [VIDEO]”

  1. So, that’s the secret to your always-gorgeous hair?! I used to love hot rollers, then I cut my hair a little too short to use them, but now I’m letting it grow a bit again. I think it’s long enough to go back to the rollers now. I blow dry my hair upside down too; it adds so much more body. Thank you for the tips and inspiration!

    • Haha yes!!! Hot rollers alllll day gf!! I cut my hair in the Fall & it was too short for rollers, I’m glad it finally grew in a bit more – it’s such an easy way to style. And upside down blow drying is the best – makes such a difference! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!! Thank you for watching/reading!! 🙂 XO

  2. I loved your video! I wish I brought my hot curlers down from the north. I was lacking the volume factor though when I did have them so thanks for your tips and tricks with the products and teasing! XOXO

    • Thanks Kristin!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! And bummer — if you get your hands on them again give it a try! Sometimes I’ll skip the teasing before rolling and the volumizing products with the rollers alone will give me that full & bouncy look! 🙂 XOXO

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