These pictures were taken in a legitimate wind tunnel. My Mom & I were laughing  so hard that I’m surprised I was able to muster up 7 shots for this post. In breezy conditions, this blouse will give you a little Marilyn Monroe action – luckily the tie around the waist keeps it PG! 😉

This vertical striped self tie ruffle hem blouse is available in two colors, but only sold as “one size” – bummer! It definitely does not give much stretch, but if you’re usually a Small/Medium, you’ll absolutely be able to work with it. I am in love with the fit and cut; the elongated peplum in the back gives a cute little tail feather effect. I’ve been trying to shoot this blouse for weeks, and in that time, my sister has borrowed it on a couple of occasions, how cute does my little blondie look!? 

I have a feeling that this shirt will be getting a lot of use over the next few months, I think it’ll look really great with white jeans or shorts too! 🙂 If you’re interested in nabbing this top, find it here for only $14! Get ’em while they’re hot… I have a feeling this one will sell out soon.

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


14 comments on “Striped Ruffle Hem Blouse”

  1. That is adorable! I think it might be the “model” though to. 😉 Have you thought of creating your own clothing line? (I’m sure you have) Have a wonderful weekend beautiful. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness Angie, if only you knew the entire list of things I’ve thought of creating LOL! Currently exploring a couple ideas…we’ll see what sticks. Thank you as always for the love!! Happy Friday!!! XOXO

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