Welllll, the secret is out! We’re having a BABY! Baby boy Hopper is due in December and we are so so excited! I shared the news on Instagram last week and ahh it was so nice to let this sweet secret out. Trying to hide my growing bump was definitely making this series more challenging for me, but I’m so glad we don’t have to do that anymore! You’ll definitely get a peek at it in this weeks outfits! ◡̈

Monday 7/24/23: Ok I was WIPED on Monday, but it was our 2 year anniversary so I was still excited about the day! This was post-Post Malone concert and I had a hard time getting moving in the morning. I went down to the office and had an afternoon ultrasound appointment. We went last week for our anatomy scan and baby boy wouldn’t cooperate – we needed him to flip over to get two last measurements. The tech was giving me cookies and chocolate, having me walk around, try all kinds of positions…he just wasn’t having it. Luckily today, he moved into a better spot and we got what we needed! PS: I have no business wearing sweaters with the hot temps we’ve had, but we keep the office SO cold, I always try to bring something with me! Dan and I both had busy days and were so wiped from the weekend so we got ice cream for dinner and made plans to celebrate our anniversary Friday night! ◡̈

Similar dress here and here  // Similar Sweater // Similar Sandals 

Tuesday 7/25/23: Ok, this outfit was not my favorite, but I had an early morning doctors appointment so I wasn’t fully in the zone when I was getting dressed. I do love these loose and comfy shorts that wear like a skirt, but they really could have used an ironing! Also got a haircut in the afternoon – it was SO overdue!

Similar t-shirt // Similar Shorts here and here // Similar Sandals 

Wednesday 7/26/23: Work from home day! Worked on lots of Sweet Almond stuff today and then had my first live mani of 2023! So much fun, I miss them. I definitely want to squeeze another one in before the end of the year. I love this dress so much, it’s from last year and I haven’t wanted to wear it until I announced bb boy because there’s no hiding the growing bump in it! It’s a House of Harlow dress…I wish it was still available, but you can find some listed on Poshmark! Linked some similar styles below.

Similar dress here and here // Similar Sandals 

Thursday 7/27/23: In the morning my Mom and I checked out (and booked) a venue for my baby shower! I’m getting so excited – I told her I wanted to be involved a little bit, I love these kinds of things! Then I was off to the office for the day. I forgot about this jumpsuit, I rarely wear it because it’s a little long on me without heels, but I made it work. It’s a Colleen Lopez jumpsuit – also no longer available but I did link a couple similar styles!

 Similar Jumpsuit here and here // Similar Cardigan // Sandals

Friday 7/29/23: Busy day catching up on some things at home (and lots of cleaning in the AM!) I worked on a couple of projects and then filmed a GRWM video which should be up this week. During the evening, Dan and I finally got to celebrate our anniversary. We went to a gorgeous restaurant on the lake in Litchfield county that we found last year – we decided it’s going to be our annual spot to celebrate. It was perfect!

Similar dress here and here // Similar Sandals

Saturday 7/29/23: I completely forgot to snap an OOTD picture, but I went to my best friends new house in PA for the day to celebrate her sons first birthday! I hadn’t been yet and it was so nice to see her, her family, and all the gorgeous renovations they’ve been doing to their home! I had such a great time with this cutie!!

Dress // Similar Sandals

Sunday 7/30/23: Lazy Sunday morning, made oatmeal (and a fun reel), placed & picked up a grocery order (mobile ordering is my FAVE!), meal prepped some stuff for the week, and then went to my in-laws for dinner. I snagged this crochet dress a month or so ago and with a comfortable 75 degree day I was so excited to finally pull it out! It’s comfiest piece with a fabulous price point (you won’t believe where it’s from)! It looks like it’s sold out, but check your local stores.

Crochet Dress // Similar Sandals

One of the reasons I revived this series back in May was because I thought it’d be fun to document the bump and help me feel good while pregnant. I know as time goes on I’m going to get bigger and looking and feeling cute may become challenging. This is an easy way for me to make a small effort each day to put my best foot forward and embrace this season of life!

I hope everyone has a great week, I have another busy one, but all fun things! Also, it’s not going to be as hot and humid and I’m soo looking forward to that! ALSOOO….HOW is tomorrow AUGUST?!!?


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