Stepping Up My Skincare With Blush Couture

I am so excited to share this post with you today, it has been three months in the making!

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Easy Natural Waves [Video Tutorial]

BIG (natural, wavy, voluminous) HAIR…don’t care!

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Round ’em up! | March 2017 Favorites

It’s that time of the month…lets recap some favorites!

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Straight Hair, Don’t Care | Kim Kardashian Inspired Style

Happy FRIDAY! I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you today. Surely you’ve seen the super long and super straight hair that Kim Kardashian has been rocking over the last few months (it definitely reminds me of Cher’s signature 70’s style)! I’m not usually one to opt for a pin straight look, but I had to give this one a try! Continue reading

Sun-Kissed Skin, Inspired by SNOW?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I know I’ve been really racking up the makeup posts lately, but a bunch of new products have been coming in & frankly, it’s just too cold to go outside to take any outfit pictures!! I’ve got some Spring fashion collaborations lined up, and *hopefully* the temperatures will begin to turn very soon.

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The “No-Makeup” Makeup Look / Drugstore Tutorial

Makeup can be fun and I am the first to admit that I like to paint myself a new face on once in a while! However, sometimes…most times, less is more!

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Going Through The Garbage | 1st Empties

Empties & Favorite posts are SO VALUABLE. I love hearing about the products that people truly love, as well as the products that they’ve used until the end …and may not love as much.

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