October 2023 Favorites!

I am so sad that October is already coming to an end – I swear it began just yesterday! It’s by far the prettiest, most fabulous month of the year and I really wish it were longer. Luckily, there were a ton of new things to love that I’ll be bringing with me into November! Check them out…


September 2023 Favorites!

Another month down and I swear that the older you get, the faster time flies. I’d love for the next couple of months to slow down just a bit, but I have a feeling they’re going to fly by faster than ever. Anyways! September was a really great month and there was a lot of cute clothes and great products to love! Check it out…


August 2023 Favorites!

Happy September! I had so many random favorites this past month and I couldn’t wait to round them up here. There are a bunch of Summer/beach related items that have gotten a ton of use! Naturally, there are a few maternity items as well- but I saved them for the end. Enjoy!!


July 2023 FAVORITES!

Time can slow down whenever it feels like it – HOW in the world is it August?! Especially with baby boy on the way, I feel like it’s crunch time trying to get as much done as possible before his arrival. With that said, I plan to fully enjoy August (and September) before diving into all of the Fall things! Summer is just too sweet to rush through. I did have a handful of favorites this past month and I’ve been looking forward to sharing them all here. Keep reading to check out my July faves! ◡̈



Um, where exactly did June go!? Tomorrow is the last day of the month and it totally flew by. I had so many new favorites over the past few weeks though, let’s jump right into them..


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