The Big E!

There are only a few things that I truly look forward to every year, one of them happens to be The Big E! If you’re not from New England, you’re probably unfamiliar, but it is an annual 2-3 week fair that offers everything from rides, to games, to concerts, to animals, to shows, to terrible-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious foods!

My boyfriend and I went on Sunday. I was up bright and early, ready to go… he wasn’t as enthused LOL…

Naturally, I had been making a list of everything I intended to eat. Please excuse the sloppiness of my writing…for the record, the majority of these items were added when they came to mind (the middle of the night, at the grocery store, in the car)…

12 items- ambitious! (Creme puff? Surely a late night reminder lol)

Once we arrived, we decided that we would share everything (to avoid becoming too full). We started with a classic corn-dog, which was delicious!

From there we spotted the bloomin’ onions! Seeing as we are such fans of this Outback & Texas Roadhouse favorite, we wanted to try the Big E version!

We ate it with ranch & horseradish dipping sauces

I really wanted to love this…but I didn’t. It was tasty don’t get me wrong, but the onions were kind of hard, and the fried portion fell right off when you tried to pick up a piece. I don’t even think we ate 1/4 of it, we wanted to save our appetite. On to the next…!

The famous cream puff! SO GOOD! I really loved it, the filling was so cold & rich, it was almost ice cream-like.  Definitely a favorite. 🙂

Afterwards, we spotted an amazing booth that literally fried everything. PB&J, Brownies, Cookie Dough, Snickers Bars, Samoas, the list goes on ! I knew that the Samoas were new this year so we got an order…

I’m not sure, but I just may like the regular un-fried version a bit better- never the less these were delicious!

Bright sun made it hard to focus :-/

While at the same booth, my boyfriend wanted to try the fried cookie dough. I am not a big fan of raw cookie dough to being with, and was not a fan of these at all, but he loved them! Imagine biting into a warm, super melty ball of chocolate cookie dough…

At this point, we needed a break. So we walked around, did some shopping and played some games.

No luck 🙁
I picked up this $5 black evil-eye-esque bracelet 🙂
Always have to stop for basketball!
Just roaming around 🙂

Okay, back to the food. Mike failed me, he couldn’t put down anything else, but I had to get a loaded baked potato seeing as they are my absolute favorite!

Butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon bits & chives. The best way to order- YUM!

After that it was about time for me to check out too. We decided to get a caricatures drawn of us. The result had us dying!

It’s all fun and games to me- I expected to look goofy, but Mike was so offended and instantly thought he resembled…

N*SYNC’s very own….Chris Kirkpatrick!!

Aahahahahaahah!!!! We were laughing so hard, he could totally dopplegang him, but I still think he looks like someone else- I just can’t put my finger on it.

Giving his best goofy Chris smile. I didn’t think it was that bad! LOL

That was pretty much our trip to the Big E in a nutshell. Unfortunately, we put a measly dent in the list which may result in a second trip… but that was our own fault- our approach was all wrong. I don’t think you should eat all of those sweets at the beginning. We figured that many of the items we will still look forward to enjoying at other local, upcoming Fall festivals 🙂

Either way, we had a great time. If you are in the area and haven’t been, I highly suggest taking the trip to the Big E! They’ll be here through Sunday, September 30th!

I’m Back! Summer Wrap Up :)

Hello 🙂

I don’t know about you, but it seems like ages since I last posted (well over a month to be exact). It was without a doubt, a crazy busy Summer. Between, family, friends and work I was trying to balance everything and make the most of the season. Unfortunately, that resulted in me really neglecting my blog.

I’ve decided to do a Summer wrap up post sharing photos from the last couple of months (in no particular order)- you’ll notice a lot of food, manicures, and family!

Now that Fall is here, I hope to get back into blogging regularly! Until then, enjoy 🙂

I celebrated my birthday in June with some girlfriends at Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford! My lovely roommate organized everything and invited my favorite ladies for some afternoon wine, snacks & chit chat. It was the perfect day 🙂
Lots of wine 🙂
My lifelong bests <3
Gorgeous Summer day!
Salted caramel chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles!
Gelish Sea Foam & Twinkle
Birthday manicures with Mom 🙂
Amazing flatbread at lunch!
A Wednesday night picnic in the park
Annual Family vacation in Cape May
Happy Hour with Dad
Pre-dinner apps on the porch, complete with Pink “Pretty Girl Margaritas” for the ladies 😉
They had the cutest beach passes this year!
This creepy doll was in our victorian house rental. We named him Jimmy and spent the week hiding him all over the house…
…and again lol
My beautiful Aunt Julie turned 60 while we were in Cape May. She spent vacation in a “60 & Sensational” sash & crown 🙂
Gelish- Shake it Til You Samba!
Myself, my sister and brother at dinner. (Can’t get over how dark my hair looks!)
We hosted a 4th of July “red, White & Blue B-B-Q” at our apartment. My best friends Erin and Kelly.
Red, white and blue cupcakes 🙂
4th of July drinks 😉
Roomies in Red (If there was ever a picture that showed how badly I needed a tan…this is it)
Family karaoke bar trip!
My best friend Erin & I finally got to go to Warped Tour!
So much fun at Warped Tour!
Enjoyed lots of ice cream this summer. Vanilla/caramel/turtle on a freshly pressed (still warm) waffle cone
My Dad snapped a picture of my Mom, sister & I napping on vaca 🙂
Brunch with my gorgeous cousins!
Fresh bread from a local woman in Cape May- amazing!
My boyfriend insisted on trying every donut at a new donut shop we visited
My sister, cousin Dawn & I 🙂
Fancy hot dog! Sour cream, cheese, pickles & crispy onions! Amazing!
DQ Brownie Earthquake is a Summer MUST!
At dinner with my cousin Stacey- the sweetest girl in the world!
Brunch with my Mom & Sister…I ordered nutella french toast- delish!
Day trip to Port Jeff with my family
Who doesn’t love a family BBQ? YUM!
Red Sumer mani 🙂
Skinny Spinach Lasagna Rolls for dinner!
Cruising around Newport in a mini car. So bummed that I accidentally deleted the video I had :-/
Weekend trip to Newport with my boyfriend 🙂

That was pretty much my Summer in a nutshell! I did a ton of fun things, spent time with so many great people, and went to  some really amazing new places. I need to get better at taking my camera with me, I wish I could have captured it all- I think that will be my goal for Fall 😉

Thanks for reading! I refuse to go so long again without posting, so come back soon  🙂

Vamping up my go-to dinner!

If I had to pick my favorite genre of food, it’d be Mexican…hands down! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the healthiest of options. Tonight I made one of my typical “cooking for one” go-to meals…which I feel is a tad bit Mexican-ish LOL.

I usually make a Veggie patty or Lean Cuisine spring rolls with black beans and a vegetable. Last minute, I decided to switch things up a bit, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Check it out 🙂

I steamed some fresh broccoli and cooked up my Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls. 1 serving is 3 rolls, but I only eat 1 1/2, and usually keep the other half for lunch.

I adore rice, if I could eat a giant bowl of pilaf for dinner every night, I would. I cannot give it up completely so I’ve switched to whole grain brown rice…which is just as tasty.

I went to go make my black beans when I remembered a Refried Beans recipe that Miss Jenny AKA @TofuSwag had recently posted. The lovely Cait Plus Ate  made the dish this past weekend, and had simply raved about it in a post this morning! I scurried through our cabinets and what do you know…I actually had all of the ingredients! It was fate 🙂

Cooking up some black beans…pre-mashed:

These smelled so yummy! I love refried beans, but I’ve never actually made them, I was surprised by how quick and easy it was!

And dinner is served! Generous portion of fresh broccoli, scoop of amazing homemade refried beans (so much flavor!), scoop of whole grain rice pilaf topped with 1 1/2 chopped lean cuisine spring rolls 🙂

I like to eat my dinner on a salad plate, I’m not sure why this food looks like it’s on a serving platter LOL

When I know that I’m making some extra food I like to package up a to-go container for lunch the next day.

Even though this was a fairly typical dinner for me, I loved being able to switch it up a bit! There’s nothing better than finding yummy new recipes  from some of my favorite bloggers that I end up genuinely liking! Keep ’em coming everyone!! 😉


OH! Can’t end a post without a shot of my nails! I’ve been a little out of control with my manicures the past 3 days…

Sunday morning I painted them “You’re Such a Sweet-Tart” from Gelish’s Candyland collection…

The color wasn’t horrible, but it reminded me of the slime on Nickelodeon and I couldn’t image staring at this color for 2 weeks LOL.

Sunday night I painted them with Gelish “Rendezvous” topped with a coat of Wet N’ Wild glitter…

Tonight I was so over that color too, so I painted them with Gelish Light Elegant. My friend Kyra had texted me a picture of the polish yesterday and I had to pick it up!

This is such a simple, but gorgeous color that I KNOW I will be able to stand it for a couple of weeks. Lord knows my nails need a break!

Skinny Spinach Lasagna Rolls

I was all gung-ho on my healthy eating spree in May/June, but have been slacking the past few weeks (mozzarella sticks for dinner 3 night in a row anyone?!)

Mmmm…look away, look away!

No more fried cheese…it’s time to get back on track! I looked up some new, healthy recipes for lunch & dinner, made my shopping list, hit up the grocery store, and filled my cart with all the colors of the rainbow!

I found a great recipe for spinach lasagna rolls, and decided to make them for dinner tonight. This may very well become one of my go-to dinners! Check out the recipe below 🙂

Spinach Lasagna Rolls
Servings: 9 • Serving Size: 1 roll
Calories: 224.9 • Fat: 5.1 g • Fiber: 3.4 g • Protein: 13.0 g • Carbs: 31.5


9 lasagna noodles, cooked

10 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and completely drained

15 oz fat free ricotta cheese

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 egg

salt and fresh pepper

32 oz. tomato sauce

9 tbsp (about 3 oz) part skim mozzarella cheese, shredded

1) Boil lasagna noodles according to package (I cut this recipe down to make 4 rolls)

2) Chop & thaw spinach

3) Combine spinach, ricotta, egg, and parmesan in mixing bowl

4) Lay noodles out on wax paper or aluminum foil and dry completely

5) Add spinach mixture to each noodle

5) Cover the bottom of a baking dish with sauce, roll each noodle and place (fastened side down) into dish

6) Top each roll with sauce and shredded mozzarella

7) Cover dish with foil and bake at 350* for about 40 minutes

8) Let cool, plate, and enjoy!

Yum! This was such an easy and tasty dinner. Do you have a quick & healthy go-to dinner recipe? I’d love to hear it!

Quick & Easy Late Night Meal

Do you ever have one of those nights where you have a million errands to run after work, you finally get home, and before you know it it’s 9:00pm and have yet to eat dinner? That was me last night.

Of course the last thing I wanted to do is cook,  or settle for something totally unhealthy, so I scoured the fridge for ideas…

I wanted something to bite (you know what I mean? Sometimes a salad just doesn’t cut it); so I created this amazing pizza-esque concoction…

1 mini bagel (2 halves), toasted

1 Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb cheese spread

2-3 Cherry tomatoes, sliced

3-4 Arugula or spinach leaves

Salt & Pepper

This tasty, mini late-night meal…paired with some fresh cherries hit the spot!

Do you have any quick & easy use-what-you have recipes? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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