Treating the Tresses

l'oreal ever fresh

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Go-To Style for Greasy Hair


I’m talking about one of my favorite topics today…  the greasy hair STRUGGLE!

I’m lucky if I can wear my hair down for two days without it looking too dirty. Come day 3, I’m usually in trouble. IF I don’t have time to wash & style it, I’ll usually opt for a hat, or this go-to look!

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When You Hair is *Actually* Full Of Secrets…

I have a slightly embarrassing secret to share with you guys today… hair secret header

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TUTORIAL | Easy Half-Up Topknot

Tutorial timeeeee! 🙂

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Ahhh! I Got Bangs!

If you’ve ever wanted to totally change up your hair, you’ll want to check this out! DIY bangs

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Monthly Faves!

Favorite posts are my…favorite! 🙂april favorites header 2

I love to see the things that people really enjoy using on a daily basis! I don’t regularly write these posts, but last week I realized that I have a handful of things [beauty products + misc. items] that I have been absolutely obsessed with this month + figured now would be a great time to share them. 🙂

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Grease Be Gone!

Hello, my name is Amanda + my natural hair sucks. Have I mentioned that before?! 😉

blow dry headerAside from having flat/thin hair [that to be fair, does completely transform with some product], it’s also prone to getting greasy after about a day. Most women swear by dry shampoo, but every one I had tried was completely wasted on me. Until now…

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