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I love to¬†see the things that people really enjoy using on a daily basis! I don’t regularly write¬†these posts, but last week I realized that I have a handful of things [beauty products + misc. items] that I¬†have been absolutely obsessed with¬†this month + figured now would¬†be a great time to share them. ūüôā


Grease Be Gone!

Hello, my name is Amanda + my natural hair sucks. Have I mentioned that before?! ūüėČ

blow dry headerAside from having flat/thin hair [that to be fair, does completely transform with some product], it’s also prone to getting greasy after about a day. Most women swear by dry shampoo, but every one¬†I had tried was¬†completely¬†wasted on me. Until now…


The Little Things | Celebrating Valentine’s Day

So, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! ūüėČValentines Day

While¬†many¬†people boycott,¬†I simply¬†love the idea of a day devoted to celebrating love. Though my Valentine is out of town this year, I’ll still be embracing the day! I wanted to share a few small¬†things that I – and you too – can do to make your Valentine’s Day just a little bit more special this year!

Take a peek! –>


Sun’s Out Buns Out!

Sun, clouds, rain, wind, snow…anytime really!

I am so excited to share this quick tutorial with you today!

If you’ve noticed, in nearly all of my #WIWTW posts, I am usually¬†sporting at least one slicked back bun per week. It’s the easiest cop out for my¬†greasy hair days, the days I have zero time to wash/style, and the days¬†I’m¬†trying to wait a little bit longer¬†before¬†shampooing.

They way I create this top knot¬†is fool proof! No sock, or insert…just 4 easy steps using a few things¬†you have at home. Ready for me¬†to walk you through it? …


Let’s go! –>


BIG Hair DON’T Care..No really, gimmie that volume!

As you know, my hair is quite sad, limp, flat, pathetic, thin [<—just some words that come to mind]. So I am always trying anything + everything that could potentially¬†give it a little more life + volume!

For Christmas, my wonderful hair stylist friend Jackie, gave me the most incredible basket full of fancy shmancy¬†hair products! Shampoo, conditioner, volumizing¬†mousse, root lifter, texturizing powder, serums, all kinds of clips + claws, teasing combs, seriously… everyyyything! ūüôā

In this post, I wanted to share¬†4 of those products with you that have seriously changed my life…well, my hair’s life!

Before After Hair


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