Grease Be Gone!

Hello, my name is Amanda + my natural hair sucks. Have I mentioned that before?! ūüėČ

blow dry headerAside from having flat/thin hair [that to be fair, does completely transform with some product], it’s also prone to getting greasy after about a day. Most women swear by dry shampoo, but every one¬†I had tried was¬†completely¬†wasted on me. Until now…


The Little Things | Celebrating Valentine’s Day

So, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! ūüėČValentines Day

While¬†many¬†people boycott,¬†I simply¬†love the idea of a day devoted to celebrating love. Though my Valentine is out of town this year, I’ll still be embracing the day! I wanted to share a few small¬†things that I – and you too – can do to make your Valentine’s Day just a little bit more special this year!

Take a peek! –>


Sun’s Out Buns Out!

Sun, clouds, rain, wind, snow…anytime really!

I am so excited to share this quick tutorial with you today!

If you’ve noticed, in nearly all of my #WIWTW posts, I am usually¬†sporting at least one slicked back bun per week. It’s the easiest cop out for my¬†greasy hair days, the days I have zero time to wash/style, and the days¬†I’m¬†trying to wait a little bit longer¬†before¬†shampooing.

They way I create this top knot¬†is fool proof! No sock, or insert…just 4 easy steps using a few things¬†you have at home. Ready for me¬†to walk you through it? …


Let’s go! –>


BIG Hair DON’T Care..No really, gimmie that volume!

As you know, my hair is quite sad, limp, flat, pathetic, thin [<—just some words that come to mind]. So I am always trying anything + everything that could potentially¬†give it a little more life + volume!

For Christmas, my wonderful hair stylist friend Jackie, gave me the most incredible basket full of fancy shmancy¬†hair products! Shampoo, conditioner, volumizing¬†mousse, root lifter, texturizing powder, serums, all kinds of clips + claws, teasing combs, seriously… everyyyything! ūüôā

In this post, I wanted to share¬†4 of those products with you that have seriously changed my life…well, my hair’s life!

Before After Hair


The Perfect Blowout at Home

Let me just throw this out there now…I am not a hair girl.

I have thin, fine hair that seriously lacks bounce + volume…among other things. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours [and dollars] trying to figure out how to give it a little life. And I eventually¬†did! I’ve discovered a few fabulous tools, tricks, and products that have definitely made blow drying my hair so much easier!


Today, I’m going to share some of my go-to products/tools, as well as two of my latest faves¬†with you!


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