How To Keep Your Summer Glow

As Summer slowly winds down, the air gets cooler, and the tans begin fade (nooooooo!) we try to hold onto every little bit that we still can.


Since I really do look forward to Fall, the ‘losing-my-tan thing’ is what bums me out the most. I’ve been retired from the tanning beds for years, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting an off-season glow! I’ve talked about some of my favorite self tanning products many – times – before, but I wanted to share a few of my current favorites, as well as some tan-preservation tips with you!


“I Do” VoxBox | UNBOXING

Not long ago, someone suggested that I create an account on  – and oh my gosh, I am SO glad that I did!

What is Influenster? “Influenster is a community for social media ‘hotshots’ to share news, products, and reviews”

Aside from the fun I find in reviewing products and earning “badges” on the site – I’ve been given a ton of opportunities to be sent free items for review! I’ve passed on quite a few, because I want to be sure that the types of items I agree to review are products I may actually use. Just last week, I qualified for one of their fun campaigns and I received my first VoxBox!



#TBT – Long Lost Photos!

I am so excited – for a few reasons! Last year, my parents bought me this wonderful Canon camera, and for a while it worked just perfectly! One day it began giving me strange error messages & stopped shooting. Getting it fixed has been on my eternal to-do list for months &this past weekend I finally decided to ship it out to be repaired. I got all of the equipment together to bring to the post office and to my surprise, while test shooting – it worked! So, for now, my baby is back in action 🙂

With it’s miraculous recovery came another bit of exciting news … on my camera were quite a few photos from the past year! I wanted to share some of them here.

Enjoy XO

Playing around
Cayman Islands
Cutest little turtles
Cutest little turtles
Mom with her coffee
Is this not the WORST sunburn in the history of sunburns?!
So many pics with the sis :)
So many pics with the sis 🙂
Mom & Dad 🙂
Beautiful sunset :)
Beautiful sunset 🙂
My sweet Mama – totally modeling that hammock!
Obviously found some food shots. Y-U-M.
Dinner on the beach
That one snowstorm where we got like 5' of snow...
That one snowstorm where we got like 5′ of snow…
Helping Mike get ready for a photo shoot
Brand new Naked2 palette!
Makeup looks so pretty in focus. A brand new Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! (Which isn’t so new anymore lol)
At one of Mike's shows
Mike performed at a Lupus fundraiser last Spring
My beautiful little sister before her senior prom
My beautiful little sister before her senior prom

I’m so glad that I was able to get all of my pictures, especially the dozens on dozens from our vacation to the Cayman Islands! I can’t wait to print them.

I also cannot wait to start using my camera for this little blog of mine 🙂

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