Blogmas 2014 – Day 19: Weekend Mani

Happy FRIDAYYYYY & Blogmas Day 19! 🙂

It’s been a crazy day & this weekend is about to be just as hectic. Lot’s of plans – but I can’t wait!

Before any of the fun can go down, I need to pick out what color I want for my weekend mani. I narrowed it down to 6 polishes… H-E-L-P! –>

polish 1


Blogmas 2014 – Day 13: Busy Saturday

Happy Blogmas Day 13!

It’s been a super busy Saturday, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick post – determined not to miss a day!

So, little side note, last night I finally watched Frozen for the first time & oh my gosh – what an awesome movie!

Pizza too, of course.
Pizza too, of course.

I completely understand this whole Frozen phenomenon/obsession now. Such a funny & adorable story, not to mention, those songs! Loved it 🙂

Tonight, one of my best friends is having a little holiday/birthday party at her apartment, so I’ve been tackling my jumbo to-do list before heading out.


I did a ton of baking this morning, squeezed in a mani (polish = Pure Ice “Free Spirit”) not sure I like it very much, but just going with it. Cleaned up, did some laundry, plucked my eyebrows, took a shower and noww I’m watching Home Alone as I write this. I’m starting to believe that its impossible to watch too many Christmas movies. I wish I’ve kept count!

That’s it for today! I’ve got to figure out what to wear and attempt to style my still-too-short-for-my-liking hair. Ugh lol.

Have a great night!


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Blogmas 2014 – Day 10: Holiday Nail Art

Happy Blogmas Day 10! So excited to have made it to the double digits! It’s been a bit difficult to get a new post up each day, but I’ve been having fun with it 🙂

As many of you know, I am a nailpolish junkie. I’m always checking out the work of the fabulous manicur-ARTISTS around the world. I’m not huge on nail art, I’m more of a clean and classic mani kind of girl, but every once in a while (especially around the holidays) I love to see what people are doing to spice up their manicures.

Today, I wanted to showcase some of the simple, but beautiful holiday art that’s gotten me inspired lately!

Gorgeous plaid design from
How adorable is this plaid design from Dutch blogger, Beauty Ill
This red & green glitter ombre from
I love this nude polish with a subtle red & green glitter ombre! Seen on Refinery29
This glistening white mani seen on
This is technically a bridal mani, but the glistening silver glitter & stripes qualify it for the holiday category ;)! Seen on
Seen on
Can you tell I love a glitter ombre? Seen on
This red & white sweater pattern stamp as seen on Divine Caroline
This red & white sweater stamp is the cutest! Seen on Divine Caroline
Love this from Beauty Frizz
This gold glitter & green ribbon mani may be my favorite! So fab, I wanttt! Seen on Beauty Frizz I

I really want to try something fun this holiday season! Maybe over the next couple of weeks 🙂

Are you into nail art?

Have you seen a beautiful holiday mani lately?



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Miracle Top Coat

I get asked manicure-related questions by friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers all – of – the – time. And I LOVE when I have the perfect answer for them! 🙂

Recently, I got a comment/question on my #ManiMonday Instagram post from a sweet girl that I went to college with…


I get asked this question so frequently! There are hundreds of suggestions & techniques that will help your mani dry quicker, but I’m happy to share that my solution is as simple as one miracle product!

INM OutTheDoor
INM OutTheDoor Super Fast Drying Top Coat

Let me tell you, this product has been tried & true! I have tested nearly every ‘quick’, ‘fast’, and ‘speed dry’ top coat under the sun, but have committed to this one for years!

Here’s why:

1) It actually dries fast. Like, really FAST. I’m not going to claim that your nails will be free from any and all smudging immediately after your mani, but they will be totally dry to the touch. No stickiness!

2) It doesn’t bubble. Sometimes (no matter how many tricks you try), you just cannot prevent bubbles in your polish – or your topcoat. This top coat is not only bubble free, but it HIDES any bubbles that may have developed after painting on your color.

3) The bottle will last. Many times, top coats will become thicker & tacky before the bottle is even half gone. This one does not.

4) It doesn’t smell! Well, kind of. It has an odor (not a bad one), but it doesn’t change as it gets older.

5) It’s affordable. Between $4-$5 a bottle, it’s definitely worth the money. And it can be found at most local drugstores (I usually pick mine up at CVS or Sally’s Beauty Supply).

6) It has an amazing, glossy finish. Pretty comparable to gel!

I just want quickly bring up another popular fast drying top coat that people tend to rave about – Seche Vite.



I have used Seche many times, and while it does have some notable attributes, I still believe that OTD is far better. Heres why…

…INM OTD can be compared to maybe a brand new bottle of Seche Vite. Seche has many of the same qualities, but it does not last long – the polish gets tacky very quickly (you’ll never be able to finish a bottle without adding a thinner), it develops a really strong / unpleasant odor after a while, it shrinks a bit once it’s applied over your polish – leaving a weird, bare, perimeter on your nails, and it’s also a little more expensive.

Sorry this turned into kind of a crazy rant, but in conclusion: INM OutTheDoor is phenomenal. I would highly, highly recommend this top coat to anyone!

Have you tried INM OutTheDoor before?

Do you have another top coat that YOU swear by?

Let me know!



Long Lost Spring + Summer Mani’s

I have a bizarre & obsessive habit of photographing my fingernails quite frequently. That being said, I’ve accumulated a camera roll full of long lost manicures that never made their way to my blog or social pages over the last few months.

In an effort to free up some space on my phone, I recently uploaded all of the photos from my iphone to my laptop – giving me a chance to relive some of the fabulous mani’s that I had throughout the Spring/Summer.

I wanted to share some of those shots with my fellow mani-lovers, so I’ve pulled some of my favorites to post!

I tried to note any polish details that I remembered as well.

Enjoy 🙂

Spring 2014 - Nina Ultra Pro "Fuchsia Rage"
Nina Ultra Pro “Fuchsia Rage”
Spring 2014 - Gelish "Garden Teal Party"
Gelish “Garden Teal Party”
Sally Hansen "Mint Sprint"
Sally Hansen “Mint Sprint”
Essie "French Affair"
Essie “French Affair”
Gelish - Carnival Hangover
Gelish – Carnival Hangover
Sinful Colors "Soul Mate"
Sinful Colors “Soul Mate” (I LOVED this color this Summer & looking back at it – I’m still just as obsessed)
Orly "Prelude to a Kiss"
Orly “Prelude to a Kiss”
Sally Hansen "Red My Lips"
Sally Hansen “Red My Lips”
Nina Ultra Pro "Tangerine Dream"
Nina Ultra Pro “Tangerine Dream”
Finger Paints "Springtime Bloom"
Finger Paints “Springtime Bloom”
Another... new York Color "Wine Bar"
New York Color “Wine Bar”
Sally Hansen "Plums the Word"
Sally Hansen “Plums the Word”

Clearly, my favorite place to snap a mani pic is in my car lol…it’s that natural lighting ;). There were so many fun colors the past two seasons!

As the colder temps are setting in, I’ve been wearing a ton of new Fall/Winter polishes. I’ve been posting them on my Instagram – you can follow me & check them out here! 🙂


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