Stepping Up My Skincare With Blush Couture

I am so excited to share this post with you today, it has been three months in the making!

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Summer Beauty Favorites!

While Labor Day usually marks the end of the Summer season, the weather we’ve been having lately has been suggesting otherwise. It’s clear that Mother Nature is not ready to move on & I’m okay with that! We can take our time. 😉

top 5 header

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Mario Badescu Whitening Mask | Blogmas 9, 2015

Good Morning + Happy Blogmas Day 9! Today…we’re talking skin care! 🙂

Day 9

I currently have 4 different face masks in rotation. Each one serves a different purpose, but all are equally great! I really wanted to share one of my favorite treatment masks with you…

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Ladies! Say “No” to Movember. And Moly, Mougust, Motember etc.

I debated writing this post for maybe 45 seconds, but I really have no shame on the subject.

Like most girls, [especially those of the Italian, dark-haired variety] I have the oh-so-lovely upper lip hair that totally skeeves me out.


Personally, I opt to remove it + I wanted to share with you the products I use to do so. 🙂

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This past Saturday, my sister  + I had the opportunity to go to BeautyCon in New York City! Neither of us had ever been before, but since it was right in our backyard, we jumped at the chance to attend. It was quite the experience – so many people, so many YouTubers, bloggers + celebrities, lots of freebies, great panels, and a ton of new products + beauty apps to try! I don’t feel the need to share a full play-by-play of the day, but I wanted to share some of the fun pictures that we snapped!

Atv booth

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Nothing Cute About Zit.

Zits. The wooooorrrrrsssssst. Unfortunately, we all get them. Though I’ve yet to find an instant, miracle product, I do have two go-to treatments that make all the difference in preventing + quickly healing these facial monsters.


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How To Keep Your Summer Glow

As Summer slowly winds down, the air gets cooler, and the tans begin fade (nooooooo!) we try to hold onto every little bit that we still can.


Since I really do look forward to Fall, the ‘losing-my-tan thing’ is what bums me out the most. I’ve been retired from the tanning beds for years, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting an off-season glow! I’ve talked about some of my favorite self tanning products many – times – before, but I wanted to share a few of my current favorites, as well as some tan-preservation tips with you!

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