Skaket Beach | Cape Cod 2015

I love nothing more than spending time with my family. I enjoy doing anything with them, but taking our annual summer vacation is my very favorite. This summer, we abandoned our beloved Jersey Shore for a week in Cape Cod.

While nothing will ever compare to the nostalgic Jersey beach towns, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Cape! Each place we visited was as adorable as the one before; but there was one location in particular that I could not get over — Skaket Beach.

We visited this bay beach three times during the week – twice during the day, and once at sunset. The water was warm, the views were incredible, and once the tide rolled out – you could walk for  what felt like miles (which we did).  I brought my phone along to snap some photos — I had one too many to Insta, so I I figured I’d share them here…



Perfect Winter Getaway!

Long time, no blog! What a crazy few weeks – to say the least.

I really do not want to leave this poor blog unattended for too long, so I come bearing warm-weather photos from a recent trip I took to Sanibel, FL!

We’ve had snow storm, after snow storm, after snow storm in Connecticut, and getting away to some place warm was so necessary for my sanity! My parents spent pretty much the entire month of February (and then some) “wintering” in Florida & invited me down for a visit. I couldn’t pass it up.

I had been a little stressed and this trip was exactly what I needed. For those still shoulder deep in snow (like me), I hope these pictures brings a little glimmer of hope of the warmer days to come!

Had to start off the trip with a bright manicure!
Had to start off the trip with a bright manicure!


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