3 Must-Have Frizz Fighting Hair Products!

I’m not sure where you live, but in the Northeast, it has been very hot and humid! We’ve been experiencing a bit of a heat wave and while that’s to be expected during the Summer months, it continues to pose a problem when it comes to styling hair. Lucky for us, there are some great products out there that help combat frizz and lock down your locks! Today, I wanted to share three of my personal favorites…


What I Wore This Week [7/3/23]

This was *the* weirdest week and going into it, I knew that it would be. The mid-week holiday paired with the hot and stormy weather left me in a bit of a fashion funk. I did my best to try and power through and I’m still loving the accountability this series gives me because without snapping an OOTD, I know there would be little to no effort.


5 Tips For Building A Working Wardrobe

I recently spent a good amount of time cleaning out my closet (which is honestly something that needs to be done regularly), but after years of being incredibly conscious of the clothes that I own, buy, and actually end up wearing… I’m at a place where I don’t feel overwhelmed and I’m comfortable with the amount of pieces that I own. Today I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me get to that point in case you too, have found yourself with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.


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