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My Nail Care Routine

I get asked all of the time about my nail care routine. How do I grow them, shape them, keep them long, what products I use, how I do my own manicures – so many questions…which I’m always happy to answer!


I’ve drafted this post many times, but had yet to publish it (warning: it’s very long)! After receiving nail care Q’s from my most recent #ManiMonday (well, #ManiTuesday) Instagram post, I decided it was time to finally wrap this up & get it live!


Mani Trends: Almond-Shaped Nails

You all know that I’ve experimented with a variety of nails shapes in the past, but this Summer I embraced one of the most drastic changes (for me) to date – Almond nails!

Per usual, I chronicled my manicures & was able to capture how this almond thing went down! Below you’ll see my nails grow & take their almond form from the beginning of June through the first week of August.

I painted my square nails in Gelish’s Bella’s Vampire one night…
photo 1
…and the next day I had decided that I was sick of that shape. Once my nails hit a certain length, the tips tend to curl inwards – if that makes sense. So I knew that the round shape would fix that problem!
Here you can see how the shape really took form. As they got longer, I would file upwards on the left and right side of each nail, bringing them to a point in the center – not a stiletto point, although, you’ll see in the next set of photos how that would have been super easy to do…
I’m still shocked when I look at these pictures!  #8 is monstrous – they don’t even look real to me lol

My nails have never been that long in my life! I was sure that I would break one in the 7-8 week span, so I was extra careful to wear gloves when doing the dishes, I did not use my nails as tools for ANYTHING, and was overall very cautious – a couple close calls, but to my utter surprise, they made it out unharmed!

I even assembled this entire shelf during this time. I actually remember being on the phone with my sister & telling her how I would definitely break one by the time I finished building it & she was totally convinced I would as well
I even assembled this entire shelf during that time. I actually remember being on the phone with my sister & telling her how I would definitely break one by the time I finished building it & I think she said “As long as you accept it” lol. We were both shocked that I didn’t!

So after my little stint with Almond nails, it was time to start fresh! I recently clipped them all off & vowed to take a brief break from gel to give them a breather. I have to say, I’m LOVING these teeny nails!

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 4.33.03 PM
Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue

Have you ever shaped your nails into almonds or stilettos?

What did you think, would you do it again?

Do you prefer short or long nails?

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