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#OperationNailGrowth Update (6 Weeks)

Time for an Operation Nail Growth update!

I began really putting in the effort to grow my nails at the end of July (about 6 weeks ago)…and it’s paid off! I’ve done nothing particularly special other than be extra careful when doing anything with my hands – always wearing dish gloves, NOT using my nails as tools, and applying cuticle oil like crazy!

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil - THE BEST! Cannot tell you how many bottles of this I've been through in the past few years.
Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil – THE BEST! Cannot tell you how many bottles of this I’ve been through in the past few years.

I’ve definitely seen some serious growth & have pretty much reached my ideal length; now it’s time for the tricky part – keeping them long & strong!

July 25th, August 4th
July 25th (Gelish, Exhale) – August 4th (Julep Lissa, Julep Tazeen)
August 11th, August 25th
August 11th (Gelish, Bella’s Vampire) – August 25th (Spoiled, My Silicone Popped)
August 30th, September 8th
August 30th(Orly, Prelude to a Kiss) – September 7th (Sally Hansen, Red My Lips)
September  8th (Sally Hansen, Red My Lips – natural light)

I’m thrilled to have my nails back. Growing them out takes some time & determination, but it’s definitely worth it!

I’m looking forward to my next mani [maybe on Thursday] so I can re-shape & give them a fresh coat of polish.


Do you have any nail growth tips?

Let me know below!


Mani Trends: Almond-Shaped Nails

You all know that I’ve experimented with a variety of nails shapes in the past, but this Summer I embraced one of the most drastic changes (for me) to date – Almond nails!

Per usual, I chronicled my manicures & was able to capture how this almond thing went down! Below you’ll see my nails grow & take their almond form from the beginning of June through the first week of August.

I painted my square nails in Gelish’s Bella’s Vampire one night…
photo 1
…and the next day I had decided that I was sick of that shape. Once my nails hit a certain length, the tips tend to curl inwards – if that makes sense. So I knew that the round shape would fix that problem!
Here you can see how the shape really took form. As they got longer, I would file upwards on the left and right side of each nail, bringing them to a point in the center – not a stiletto point, although, you’ll see in the next set of photos how that would have been super easy to do…
I’m still shocked when I look at these pictures!  #8 is monstrous – they don’t even look real to me lol

My nails have never been that long in my life! I was sure that I would break one in the 7-8 week span, so I was extra careful to wear gloves when doing the dishes, I did not use my nails as tools for ANYTHING, and was overall very cautious – a couple close calls, but to my utter surprise, they made it out unharmed!

I even assembled this entire shelf during this time. I actually remember being on the phone with my sister & telling her how I would definitely break one by the time I finished building it & she was totally convinced I would as well
I even assembled this entire shelf during that time. I actually remember being on the phone with my sister & telling her how I would definitely break one by the time I finished building it & I think she said “As long as you accept it” lol. We were both shocked that I didn’t!

So after my little stint with Almond nails, it was time to start fresh! I recently clipped them all off & vowed to take a brief break from gel to give them a breather. I have to say, I’m LOVING these teeny nails!

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 4.33.03 PM
Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue

Have you ever shaped your nails into almonds or stilettos?

What did you think, would you do it again?

Do you prefer short or long nails?

Exclusive Interview with Gelish!

I am very excited about this post, and if you are a Gelish fanatic like me, you will be to! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to connect with the lovely Irene Chao, a seasoned beauty industry expert working in the PR department at Hand & Nail Harmony (ahh-such a dream job)! She was truly the sweetest woman; so friendly, and excited to talk with me.  I asked if she’d be interested in answering some questions for my blog and she was more than willing to participate. Check out the brief interview below!
1) Can you give us a brief introduction about who you are, how long you’ve been working at Gelish, and a little bit about your job? 
  My name is Irene and I’ve been at Gelish for a little over a month now, but my background is in the beauty industry. I previously spent 6 years working in the PR department at another beauty manufacturer in southern California.

2) I know why I love Gelish products, but what do you think sets the line apart from competing gel polish brands (ex: Shellac, OPI Axxium, etc.)?
A lot of people might not know this, but Gelish is the first brush-in bottle gel polish ever invented! The US and International patent-pending formulation proves that fact. Gelish offers up many unique colors including glitters and neons. We currently have 106 Gelish colors in total! This is the most offered by any gel-polish company out there.
So many gorgeous colors! (Credit)

3) What is the most popular Gelish product? What is the most popular Gelish color?
Some of our most popular colors include Gelish Sheek White, which is great on its own; but it’s also perfect for nail art .
I love Gelish’s Sleek White for my french manicures! 🙂
Gelish Good Gossip is also very popular, because really…who can say no to glittery-red gel polish?
Good Gossip
Gelish Gossip Girl is a fun, bright pink that is also very popular. The most popular Gelish product is actually Gelish NOURISH, which is a cuticle oil that rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail. It smells amazing and works like a charm!

4) Is Gelish going to be releasing any new polishes in the near future? Maybe a Fall collection? If so, what can we expect?
Yes…There will be a new collection for Fall, so be on the lookout for that!  There will be 8, brand new fall-inspired colors that will compliment any wardrobe!
Hopefully we see some some darker warm and cool colors (deep browns, purples, blues, reds, greens!) I’m already a huge fan of their Bella’s Vampire!

5) I work in PR, and it would be my dream to work for a major nail polish company one day. What is it like working for Gelish? Do you enjoy daily, desk-side manicures? 😉
Unfortunately there’s not much time for desk-side manicures, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. The people here are wonderful and I truly believe in the product. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I learned so much about Gelish from Irene! I didn’t realize that they were the first brush-in-bottle polish, or that they even sold a cuticle oil (you all know how much I love my cuticle oil); Irene offered to send me a bottle and I honestly cannot wait to try it! I’m also dying to see this Fall collection!

It must be so fun working with nail polish behind the scenes-what an amazing job! Sending major thanks to Irene for talking with me- it was a pleasure!

Have you tried any of the Gelish polishes or products? Let me know your favorites! 🙂

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