Becoming Bella: 29 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Father’s Day. 🙂

This post is something I’ve wanted to put together for a while. I see a lot of people create their own “X Things I’ve Learned in X Years” list that they’re able to add to every year and I really love the idea. It’s the morning after my 29th (gasp) birthday and I woke up feeling so grateful for so many things. I thought I would turn this into a mini Becoming Bella post and share my own list of personal lessons (to date!) that have proved to be so darn valuable! I hope you enjoy. XO



Today is my 28th birthday – holy moly. If you’ve followed my blog over the last year, you know that it’s been a wild 365 days [to say the least], but I intended it to be! 🙂 28

This post is LONG, and kind of personal, but I wanted to write it for me. If you do read through it, I hope that it inspires or resonates with you. I also hope it makes some kind of sense, it’s currently 4:08AM — eeeek! Enjoy! XO



Tomorrow I turn 27. #scary

This year, I’ve taken my birthday as an opportunity to step back and kind of reevaluate my life. For the past few months, I’ve been thinking about where I am, where I thought I would be, and where I still want to go…



Happy Birthday LilyMama! XOXO

My beautiful Mom turned 50 over the weekend! She is the most wonderful woman you’d ever meet, I’m so lucky to have such a special lady in my life. She’s always putting everyone else before herself, she has the most positive outlook on life, and lives everyday with such a full heart. She is simply beautiful from the inside out & just radiates with joy & love. I hope that I can become half the woman that she is one day. 🙂

To honor her big day, we planned a clambake at our home & were SO happy to have so many friends & family members come out to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who attended, and to my wonderful family for helping my Dad, siblings & I pull this together! It was such a fun night 🙂

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the party.


#LilyMamas50 🙂

Enjoy! XO

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[[FYI – We hired Capt’n Johns Clambakes out of Norwalk, CT to cater the event – they did SUCH a wonderful job. I can’t stop raving about how excellent their staff & food was.]]

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