Blogmas 2104 – Day 15: Just Another Manic Monday :)

Happy Blogmas Day 15!

This day went by way too quickly! WARNING: this post is super random.

Today was a whirlwind of work, checking out the construction site of our new office building, Lowe’s to pick out bathroom tiles, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, unpacking, tomorrow lunch making… & now blogging.

Saw these prints at TJ Maxx tonight - how cute?! I want them all :)
I saw these white & gold prints at TJ Maxx tonight – how cute?! I want them all 🙂

Our microwave randomly broke, so in an effort to avoid having to do dishes tonight, here’s dinner lol…


My roomie & I are currently watching The Great Christmas Light Fight on abc!

IMG_8580 (1)

Fun story: growing up, my family would always go to this one house in Norwalk, CT that had an insane Christmas lights display. We’d usually stop by right after church on Christmas Eve before meeting up with our extended family for our annual Christmas Eve dinner held at my Dad’s Aunt & Uncles home. Point of story – the amazing house in Norwalk is featured on the show this year! They’ve been doing their lights display for 25 years & decided to continue for a 26th because they were asked to be on the show! We thought that they were on tonight, but it looks like their episode airs next Monday!

Either way, it’s a pretty wild show! …And we love all things Christmas-y around here, so we’re still tuning in! 🙂

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I definitely felt the blogmas pressure today! I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a quick Day 15 post 🙂

Back to the show, then getting ready to call it a night. Have a good one!


Blogmas 2014 – Day 14: Holiday Party

Happy Blogmas Day 14!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I’ve been kind of lazy all day, just getting around to this post now.

My girlfriends birthday/holiday party last night was a lot of fun, I got to see so many of my favorite people!


A few snaps: 1) Me, Kelly (birthday girl!), and Erin (recently engaged!) trying to snag a picture together. 2) Cute little napkins. 3) My funky green polish matched my cup. I love when that happens. 4) Selfie with Mike!


1) I made red velvet cupcakes – they turned out so good! Obviously this is the only way to eat a cupcake ;). 2) Singing Happy Birthday…4x because the candle lighting took a while LOL. 3) MORE cute napkins/hand towels spotted in the bathroom. 4) This had us all dying – Kelly had a raffle at her own birthday, hahaha SO cute.

It was a really fun night! We played Cards Against Humanity, which I wonnnnn…although, I don’t really think that’s worth bragging about, but I love that game. So much yummy food, definitely ate myself into a coma last night.

On the way home, we stopped at my cousins house since they were having a holiday party the same night – it was nice to see some fam while I was in the area!

I had a really nice weekend – definitely spent most of today taking it easy.


I had to run out earlier to get my bridesmaid dress for my girlfriends May wedding that was ready for pick up, and I popped into the mall for a *little* shopping…and of course, a soft pretzel.


The remainder of the day included Netflix & napping! This lazy blanket/movie scene looks familiar 😉 – I love The Mistletones – such a cute movie.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Time for Sunday night Chinese take-out & an early bed time!

See you tomorrow for Day 15 🙂


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Blogmas 2014 – Day 13: Busy Saturday

Happy Blogmas Day 13!

It’s been a super busy Saturday, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick post – determined not to miss a day!

So, little side note, last night I finally watched Frozen for the first time & oh my gosh – what an awesome movie!

Pizza too, of course.
Pizza too, of course.

I completely understand this whole Frozen phenomenon/obsession now. Such a funny & adorable story, not to mention, those songs! Loved it 🙂

Tonight, one of my best friends is having a little holiday/birthday party at her apartment, so I’ve been tackling my jumbo to-do list before heading out.


I did a ton of baking this morning, squeezed in a mani (polish = Pure Ice “Free Spirit”) not sure I like it very much, but just going with it. Cleaned up, did some laundry, plucked my eyebrows, took a shower and noww I’m watching Home Alone as I write this. I’m starting to believe that its impossible to watch too many Christmas movies. I wish I’ve kept count!

That’s it for today! I’ve got to figure out what to wear and attempt to style my still-too-short-for-my-liking hair. Ugh lol.

Have a great night!


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Blogmas 2014 – Day 12: Camera Roll

Happy Blogmas Day 12!

I have a kind of quick post for you today! I thought a camera roll spill would be appropriate to wrap up the week. 😉 Here it goes…

I went to an awesome holiday-themed baby shower on Sunday. Lot’s of festive decor, fun details & some seriously delicious food.shower

Sunday selfie :)
Random Sunday car selfie, because I don’t often wear red lipstick or my houndstooth jacket 🙂

After the shower, my boyfriends family was celebrating Grandma’s 75th birthday, so I popped by to see everyone! Of course Mike was challenged to do a 5 minute plank lolol – I shall not disclose if he hit 5mins it or not. 😉


Snapshots from work this week (L to R) 1) a new pine needle candle for my desk. 2) A quick clean out of my purse (I don’t know how it gets like that so easily, I clean it at least once a week). 3) My go-to lunch from Stop n’ Stop. The Santa Fe salad is so good! And the apple caramel dippers have been my latest obsession. 4) My holiday Pandora station! I’ve been flipping between Country Christmas and Mariah Carey Holiday stations. I snapped a picture of Christmas Shoes because I CANNOT STAND THAT SONG. I mean, it’s a beautiful song, but it makes me cry the SECOND I hear it come on the radio. I just can’t bring myself to listen to it. SKIP. Anyone else – or just me?


My Mom had to pick up my sister at school and bring her home for Winter break on Wednesday – so they stopped by to see me on their way home! We went out for a yummy dinner – which I failed to take any pictures of…except the empty plate of peanut butter pie. Such a lovely, unexpected, mid-week surprise 🙂


Scenes from home! (L to R):

1) LOTS of cozy blankets, movies, and popcorn this week.  2) I found Mike’s new ornament that my Aunt made him last year & put it up on our tree :). 3) Face masks are a mid-week must. 4) I was trying to pick a new book to read off of my bookshelf and had totally forgotten that I bought a Chicken Soup for the Romantic’s Soul over the Summer. It was exactly what I felt like reading. I forgot how much I love those short stories. 5) MORE cozy blankets & movies – watching Magic Mike w/ my roomie.home

…Just a few snaps from this week! I put a serious dent in some Christmas shopping last night, which I’m SO excited about. AND I picked up some really cute wrapping paper – that post is on the way soon!

I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend! I’ve got some fun plans that I’m looking forward to. Hopefully I can keep up with my daily blogging streak 🙂

Happy Friday!!!


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Blogmas 2014 – Day 11: Gift Wrap Inspiration

Good Morning & Happy Blogmas Day 11!

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is wrapping gifts. Seriously, I love it. I ALMOST got a part time job at the mall this year as a gift wrapper for the mere fact that I enjoy it so much.

I love picking out new paper & fabulous ribbon each year. There’s nothing better than a gorgeous patterned paper or a thick/metallic print. Ahh, I love it.

A crummy IG pic from a couple years ago of my silver alligator paper & red bows :)
I loved my silver alligator paper & red bows a couple of years ago (found the paper at Marshalls!) 🙂

OK – point of this post… I haven’t picked out my wrapping material yet – I just haven’t come across THE paper. I’ve been browsing Pinterest and other sites to get some inspiration & wanted to share my wrapping vision for 2014 😉

#ISoundLikeAPsyhco #TooBad #ILoveWrappingPaper #AndRibbons

If I could pull it off - THIS is very similar to what I have in mind :)
If I could pull it off, THIS is pretty much exactly what I have in mind 🙂
I do know how to do calligraphy - this could be really fun!
I do know how to do calligraphy, so something like this could be really fun!
I love the wood grain paper & satin bow - still pretty with or without the extra embellishment!
I love the wood grain paper & satin bow. It’s so pretty with or without the extra embellishment!
I'm really loving polka dots paper this year.
I’m really loving polka dots paper this year. This is too cute for words.

Decisions, decisions! I’ve finished a *very* little bit of Christmas shopping – hoping to knock most of it out by next week, so I’ve got a little time to figure out my wrapping paper situation.

I’ll be sure to do a gift wrap post when I’m done! 🙂
Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

What kind of paper are you using this year?



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