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NYC Trip With the Family

Welcome to post #2 of my four part “Christmas break” blog series :). Read my first post here!

In this blog, I want to share one of the most amazing days I had in a really long time! My family took a trip to NYC on a Tuesday night and met up with a couple of my Aunts, my Uncle & my cousins for a delicious dinner in Little Italy.

We took the train into the city in the last afternoon. Mom & I were bright eyed... Dad & Kath, not so much haha.
We took the train into the city in the late afternoon. Mom & I were bright eyed… Dad & Kath, not so much haha.


It’s the most wonderful time…

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is truly magical. There’s something so heartwarming and pure about it.


I’m back home at my condo after spending a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my family & per usual, I feel so calm & rejuvenated. I’m sitting in our living room – Christmas tree lit, yummy candles burning, hot cocoa in my hand and the only Will Ferrell movie I’ve ever enjoyed playing,…and I’m having one of those moments. One of those moments where you’re simply happy to be breathing.

photo 4

Do you ever have one of those moments? They’re the best.

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving – we all have a lot to be thankful for. I’m enjoying my last night of this mini-break relaxing & putting a fresh topcoat on my mani!

OPI – Every Month is Oktoberfest (short nails & cut on middle finger = Christmas tree decorating casualties – bummer)

I’ve got a busy week ahead! I plan to enjoy these last few hours & go to bed with the intent of starting the week on a fresh & positive note. I hope you all do the same! 🙂yellow-wake-up-001XO

Family Christmas Tree!

The weekend after Thanksgiving I love putting up the Christmas tree & decorating the house with my Mom & Sister – my Dad & Brother usually opt out…I think they were golfing this year lol. We always play Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, dance around & just enjoy the day. We don’t purchase a real tree anymore, when we were all younger we were insistent on finding the tallest, fullest tree there was – we’ve since invested in a phenomenal pre-lit fake that is just as effective, 80% less the hassle & looks even better!

We took all of the tree decorations out of storage
We had a little trouble with the star LOL
Even Lily got in the spirit!

I love our ornament collection because each one has some kind of memory, joke, or sentiment to it. There are even a few faces on the tree 😉

This was a bridal shower gift for my Mom!
This one is so old & chipping away, but it’s still one of my favorites 🙂
How cute is my little sis in her 3 fingered homemade ornament LOL?!!
This one of my brother cracks us all up! He’s suuuuuuch an angel 😉
…And that’s me…in 1st grade!
…aaaand Katherine called it quits
All done! So pretty 🙂

Naturally, after all of that work it was manicure time!

Fun Gelish mani on Katherine! Midnight Reflection & Twinkle on her index fingers 🙂

I love spending time at my parents house during the holidays. It’s so warm, festive & comfortable. It’s so darn hard to make my apartment feel that way! …Stay tuned for that post though…we did make an effort!

Do you and your family have a Christmas decorating tradition?

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