Complete Closet Overhaul

I’m not sure what it is about the past few weeks [maybe the fact that I’ll be 26 next week (OMG)]…but I have been oddly obsessed with simplifying my life & giving it a little refresh. Starting with my wardrobe.

This simplification process began with a book. I stumbled upon Lauren Conrad’s book, STYLE last week. While flipping through the pages, I was immediately drawn to her chapter about overhauling your closet.

Lauren Conrand STYLE

Needless to say, I bought the book, and the moment I got home I spent the entire night parting with items I was unable to let go of for YEARS! Honestly, 8, 9, 10 years…

Maybe it’s because I adore her style, or because her book actually made a ton of sense, but I was finally able to understand that were was no reason to keep things because they could work, I might wear them, they haven’t completely fallen apart or they’re practically brand new – if it hasn’t been worn, it’ll probably never be worn, and if it has been worn so much that it’s actually become damaged – it’s just not a good look. That should have clicked forever ago.

The beginning of it all.
The beginning of it all.

I spent the evening trying on everything I owned & with the help of my roommate we were able to yay & nay our way through my closet in a few hours.

Once my wardrobe was wiped – I determined which items were sellable (is that a word?), which were returnable for a refund or store credit (never worn with tags still in tact), and which would be better off tossed. I put everything into bags and got rid of it! Such a relieving feeling. I actually feel like I have MORE clothes than I did before because I can actually see all of my pieces, and I know that they’re all pieces I will wear.

To keep the momentum & excitement going  – I’ve begun slowly refilling my closet with new items that will surely be worn for years to come. For example, I chucked a pair of brown cork wedges that I’ve had since 2004 – after 10 years it’s safe to say that they’d seen better days – but I was still wearing them all of the time. After parting, I knew I had to replace them. I was on a hunt for a few days before I found a new pair. They were definitely an upgrade, super comfortable & exactly what I was looking for. So I bought them 🙂

Building your wardrobe is like decorating a room – it takes time. You can’t just go out one day and expect to find everything you’re looking for. Plus, it makes the process more fun – it’s like a treasure hunt! What’s better than finally coming across the item you’ve been searching for?! Spreading out these purchases & taking the time to find the right item is an affordable way to freshen up your wardrobe, and ensure that you purchase only what you LOVE.

This is *not* my wardrobe, but its a realistic goal for me :)
This is *not* my closet, but its a fairly realistic goal for me 🙂

As for long term goals…

...a girl can dream, right?
…a girl can dream, right?

Anyways, back to reality. I’m so into this whole wardrobe thing right now, and have so many more fashion-related posts in store. 😉


…Stay  tuned!




Perfect Snow Day

We had a nice little snow storm in Connecticut today. There wasn’t a crazy amount of accumulation (thank the Lord), but it was enough to convince me to stay indoors.

I was so ambitious on Twitter this morning and made a snow day to-do list; I’m proud to say I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to do…

I started with a workout, gave myself a pedicure (Zoya-Moxie, a really pretty deep pink polish), and cleaned my apartment a bit. Afterwards, I took a hot shower, snuggled up with a mug of hot cocoa and wrapped myself in some cozy throw blankets. I lit my candles and caught up with the pile of US Weekly magazines that was building on my nightstand. I had time to do some blogging and even found some delicious new dessert recipes to try out.

What an incredibly relaxing day! I’m looking forward to eating (maybe cheating?) and watching a movie tonight! 🙂

How did you spend your snow day? Or are you lucky enough to be somewhere warm and snow-free? 😉

Getting Organized for the New Year!

I spent this weekend organizing and cleaning my room- it was due for a head to toe. The biggest feat was my closet. I only have one semi-walk-in for all of my clothes, shoes, and handbags. I’ve needed more space for quite some time, so I took a trip to IKEA on Saturday and ended up buying a simple black dresser that worked wonders for my room! I assembled that bad boy all by myself! (With only a LITTLE help from my boyfriend ;))

It took a couple of hours to get the entire body and drawers built, but it was worth it!

I joke that this is dorm furniture, but it works perfectly in my room :). (I couldn't get an orb-free picture- freaky!)

I also wanted to find a solution for my shoes. They always end up in a big mess no matter how I organize them. I was thinking hanging shelves might be a good solution- IKEA had these for only $4.99 a piece. I bought five and hung them in my closet. *Life Saver!*

Best purchase ever.

The bottom slots of these organizers are perfect for storing scarves, hats and tanks.

I really went through my wardrobe and tried to clean house. Many clothes were moved into the dresser, and many were packed up to sell, give away, and donate. I can’t believe this was all that was left, but that just makes room for some new pieces, less is more 🙂

I try to color code my clothes. This isn't necessarily my best effort-I was more focused on getting rid of things I no longer wear, I didn't spend much time getting them in rainbow order.

I used to have my television on this little book shelf in place of my dresser- it was so make-shift, and not very strong. It now has a perfect home next to my door.

I love those little candles, I try not to burn them. My Mom found them for me- they have an "AB" medallion on the front 🙂

This is one of those picture/ribbon boards which I converted into a necklace holder.

I hang some headbands on here as well.

I got this jewelry organizer as a gift which works perfectly for my earrings, rings, bracelets and watches. I leave it hung on the back of my door.

Goal is to keep this organized year round!

I have two great night stands that I bought when I moved in. They are super sturdy and have some storage . I cleaned out the bottom cabinets and used them to hold misc. documents, products, chargers/cords, and throw blankets. I try to keep as little clutter on top as possible.

I love fake flowers. Is that tacky?... They never die!
(The candy dispenser is a little something I got my boyfriend-he is a legitimate sugar addict,)

My room is fairly small, but it is my little oasis. I am still looking for a few pieces to complete it- I’m trying to find the perfect French/vintage/sparkly mirror for over my bed, a standing lamp for next to my television and some tall pre-lit floral arrangements. Decorating is addicting!

For now, I just need to keep it clean 🙂

Time to get cozy and retreat for the night! What are some ways you organize your room?

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