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Blogmas 2014 – Day 21: Better Late Than Never

Happy Blogmas Day 21!

It was a crazy weekend. I am exhausted & was thiiiis close to passing on this post tonight– but only 4 more days of Blogmas…can’t miss one now.

This one is going to be quick – I just pulled some pictures together from yesterday & night.

Enjoy :)…


Blogmas 2014 – Day 19: Weekend Mani

Happy FRIDAYYYYY & Blogmas Day 19! 🙂

It’s been a crazy day & this weekend is about to be just as hectic. Lot’s of plans – but I can’t wait!

Before any of the fun can go down, I need to pick out what color I want for my weekend mani. I narrowed it down to 6 polishes… H-E-L-P! –>

polish 1


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