The Final Christmas Post [Camera Roll]

Today I have the final post in my four part Christmas break wrap up. Sigh. The holidays are officially over 🙁

(Part one, part two, part three <– IF you’re interested!)

This blog is less about one particular day or event, and instead… a bunch of random photo’s that I wanted to share. Apologies in advance for the randomness!

My Mom, Sister & I spent the day with AJ the Sunday after Christmas. We went to brunch at Centro in Fairfield - which was SO yum! Then we did a little shopping. Katherine & I could not stop playing with the needle toy - I used to LOVE those!
My Mom, Sister & I spent the day with AJ the Sunday after Christmas. We went to brunch at Centro in Fairfield – which was SO yum! Then we did a little shopping. We popped into the toy store – Katherine & I could not stop playing with the Pin Print – I used to LOVE those!


Ladies Who Lunch…and Shop!

Good Morning!

Today I have part three of my four part Christmas break round-up for you. (Find part one: here and two: here)!

So, I’ve had my (recently engaged!!) best friend since I was born! Literally, our Mom’s met in the hospital. My Mom was in labor with me, and her Mom (pregnant with her), was my NICU nurse. They became friends, and after that we became friends, our brothers became friends, and our sisters became friends – all the same age.

We all used to spend nearly every day together growing up, but due to life (sigh), we don’t get to spend as much time together anymore. Over the holiday we miraculously all had time off & decided to have a girls day (missed you, bro’s)!

It was such a wonderful afternoon of tea, treats, makeup, shopping, and plenty of laughs. 😉

The day started with my best friend asking me to be her maid of honor! I am so excited to co-moh her wedding with her little sister. It's going to be amazing :)
The day started with such a high! We all met at my friend’s house before we left and she asked me to be her maid of honor! I was so honored that she wanted me to play such an important role in her big day and I am so excited to co-moh the wedding with her little sister next Summer. It’s going to be amazing 🙂



I am so excited about this post for a variety of reasons. First off… does anyone listen to the Elvis Duran show in the morning? I tune in on my way to work every single day, and it really is the most entertaining program on the radio, I love starting my mornings with that crew!

Back in December or so everyone on the show was tasting and raving about these amazing cupcakes and truffles! They mentioned that she sold her truffles online and I was dying to check them out. Once at a computer, I immediately found her website and looked through all of the delicious treats she had available. I hate to admit that I never ended up ordering any… but was thrilled when I heard she was opening up a shop in Avon, CT…which happened to be very close to where I currently live.

I’d been following Miriam, the owner/designer/baker extrordinaire on Twitter and Facebook for a while now and have been completely blown away by the legitimate food porn that she creates and posts on a daily basis.

Taste by Spellbound has officially been opened for less than a month, and I finally made the trip to check it out!

The front of her new dessert studio at 5 Ensign Drive in Avon, CT. Credit
How fun is the design? Nearly everything was DIY! Credit
Re-furbished/finished chairs. Credit
Are these not the cutest tables you've ever seen? Credit
So much detail. She didn't miss a beat. Credit
A beautiful collection of frames lined the walls in the entry way. Credit

I must say, I truly admire Miriam for a number of reasons…

1- She has a kick a** style. Holy moly, this girl has such a unique but elegant/feminine look…not to mention she has mastered the perfect top knot/ bun!

2-She is so ambitious, a risk taker, and go-getter.

3- She is beyond talented. Let her desserts speak for themselves…you  can honestly tell how amazing they are just by looking at them.

We picked up a little bit of everything
TJ's Carrot Cake. I honestly don't even like Carrot Cake- but I have heard so many people rave about this particular cake that I had to try...and oh my goodness, I've officially been converted! The cake was so moist and the icing was incredible, it was a stellar combination and I'm proud to say this was the first piece of carrot cake (in my life) that I honestly enjoyed!
We had to sample some truffles! Dark chocolate, carrot cake, and red velvet. They were all just as delicious but the dark chocolate was my absolute favorite!
Mike was so excited about the red velvet truffle- it's one of his favorite flavors.
Now that I was a carrot cake lover, I couldn't wait to try the carrot truffle! (Excuse the dead flowers in our apartment lol)
And a peek at the dark chocolate..for good measure 😉 (Ahh Mike needs a manicure...)
Chocolate chip & Peanut Butter Chocolate chip cookies!
Healthy lemon blueberry scone made with ViSalus Vi-Shape shake mix. This was the perfect breakfast this morning 🙂
Mike was so obsessed with this strawberry cinnamon cupcake, he swears it was the best he's ever had...I took a bite and I can't disagree...that icing is something else! I can't wait to try some other flavors 🙂
Miriam & I in front of the gorgeous butterfly wall in her studio. She was such a sweet girl, and put up with my millions of questions 😉

I was so glad to finally visit this charming place! Everything was truly delicious and I will surely be back! (I’m dying to get my hands on one of her famous salted caramel cupcakes!)

If you are in Connecticut and looking for some delicious desserts…THIS is the place to go!

Perfect Snow Day

We had a nice little snow storm in Connecticut today. There wasn’t a crazy amount of accumulation (thank the Lord), but it was enough to convince me to stay indoors.

I was so ambitious on Twitter this morning and made a snow day to-do list; I’m proud to say I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to do…

I started with a workout, gave myself a pedicure (Zoya-Moxie, a really pretty deep pink polish), and cleaned my apartment a bit. Afterwards, I took a hot shower, snuggled up with a mug of hot cocoa and wrapped myself in some cozy throw blankets. I lit my candles and caught up with the pile of US Weekly magazines that was building on my nightstand. I had time to do some blogging and even found some delicious new dessert recipes to try out.

What an incredibly relaxing day! I’m looking forward to eating (maybe cheating?) and watching a movie tonight! 🙂

How did you spend your snow day? Or are you lucky enough to be somewhere warm and snow-free? 😉

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