Farewell Florence! XO

Welp, it’s here. The last post of my Italy trip. Le sigh. 🙁


I’d love for the posts continue forever [Lord knows I have enough photos to do so], but it’s time to wrap them up + get back to reality. Boo. Today, I’m sharing some pictures from the last week of our trip! 🙂


The Land Of My People!

Both sides of my family are Italian; my Mother’s family is from Ischia — a small Island off the coast of Naples, and my Father’s family is from Calabria, the Southern most point of the country + just a hop skip and a jump away from Sicily. We’ve been to Ischia before [it’s stunning] + actually took a quick day trip so my Dad could see this time around, but we were really excited to spend a little time in Calabria + explore our roots!

Calabria header


Roaming Around Rome

Happy Monday! 🙂


I cannot believe this is my last week in Italy! The time has flown by way too quickly. I had wanted to get this post up yesterday, but we spent the weekend traveling + it just wasn’t going to happen. 🙁 So, a little Monday morning Rome-recap it is!


NYC Trip With the Family

Welcome to post #2 of my four part “Christmas break” blog series :). Read my first post here!

In this blog, I want to share one of the most amazing days I had in a really long time! My family took a trip to NYC on a Tuesday night and met up with a couple of my Aunts, my Uncle & my cousins for a delicious dinner in Little Italy.

We took the train into the city in the last afternoon. Mom & I were bright eyed... Dad & Kath, not so much haha.
We took the train into the city in the late afternoon. Mom & I were bright eyed… Dad & Kath, not so much haha.


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