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How to Save a Broken Nail (& My Memorial Day Mani Color!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

As you know, I enlisted all of you to help me choose a polish color for my Memorial Day weekend manicure. I picked up all the of the polishes in the Gelish Candyland Collection this week, and asked you to decide which one was your favorite; it was a pretty even tie between Orange Cream Dream, and Sugar Daddy.

Unfortunately, right before I left work yesterday evening…I broke my thumbnail! I was SO bummed because I knew this would happen (it always does) …your nails are all perfect, and the same length…and then right before you bless them with a fresh manicure…one of them breaks! So frustrating. Luckily for me, this break was fixable. I decided to silk wrap it when I got home. I figured it make great blog content, so here is a step by step tutorial on how to save a broken nail with a silk wrap.

(At the end you’ll see which polish color I went with for the weekend!)

Alright, here’s what we were dealing with 🙁 Sigh.

1) First you need to carefully remove the polish as best you can without damaging the nail any further.

2) Next, cut a piece of a silk sticker to cover the area you’re looking to salvage. (A pack of these these silk wrap stickers can be bought at Sally’s for only $5, and will last you FOREVER!) If you need a quick fix, I’ve seen people use a piece of a tea bag…I tried it before and definitely prefer the silk, but it may be worth  try in a pinch.

3) Peel the back off of the sticker and apply to the broken part of the nail with nail glue.

4) Once the glue completely dries, the nail will be hard as a rock! Use a buffing cube to smooth it out, and then begin your manicure. If you are working with regular polish (not gel) start with a nice base coat to even out any ridges.

This little nail mishap actually made it easier for me to select a color, I decided I wanted to do something a little darker to be sure you wouldn’t see the wrap. So I chose to go with…..

Sugar Daddy! And yes, my broken nail is holding up perfectly fine…

I really do love this color, but am still looking forward to trying out the other new polishes that I picked up! What are you wearing on your nails this Memorial Day weekend?

Help Me Choose My Memorial Day Mani!


How  is everyone doing? I am so excited to get away for the holiday weekend with some friends, and am looking forward to a stress-free trip! I recently visited my local Sallys Beauty Supply and was thrilled to see that they were selling all six colors in the Gelish Candyland Collection for a reduced price!

As you know I already own the two pink shades ‘Sugar N Spice & Everything Nice’ and ‘You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me A Toothache’, but I was hesitant to purchase the others at the time because Gelish polish is a bit pricey, and they weren’t really  colors that I would wear very often. However, now that they were on sale, I couldn’t resist!

I picked up the remaining four colors in the Candyland Collection; ‘Orange Cream Dream’, ‘Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss’, ‘You’re Such a Sweet-Tart’, and ‘Sugar Daddy’.

I figured that this weekend would be a great time to try out one of my new polishes… but I need you to help me choose which one!

Below are pictures of each…take a peek and let me know your favorite!

Orange Cream Dream
Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss
You’re Such a Sweet-Tart
Sugar Daddy

I like them all in a different way, and am totally stumped on which to go with. I’m going to give myself a manicure tonight,  let me know before then what your favorites are in the comments below, or tweet me @_AmandaBella!

What color nailpolish will you be wearing for Memorial Day weekend? 🙂

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