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Neon Deals & Hunger Games Steals!

I received a great rewards coupon to Sally’s Beauty Supply, so I recently took a trip to pick up a new fun & bright Gelish polish color for my vacation next week, and I left with quite the haul!

I picked up a neon orange and a neon pink shade! I adore the names 🙂

They are super bright, but exactly what I was looking for!

No flash

Sallys always has some decent items on clearance, so I went to browse and saw that there were a handful of China Glaze colors for only $1.50 a piece! I’m sorry, but how exactly does one pass that up?!

The colors looked familiar, after reading the names I realized that they were from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection.

When they released this collection a few months ago I was on my Gel manicure spree and had opted out of purchasing any regular polishes. I’m not strictly using gel anymore, and these colors are perfect for Fall!


The problem with having so many gorgeous new polishes is deciding which one you’re going to wear first!

Hook and Line

I swear I have this exact color (below) from maybe 4 different brands lol. But it’s a Fall/Winter fave!

Foie Gras

The only other Hunger Games color they had was Mahogany Magic, which was too much of a muddy brown for me. I really wish they had Electrify!

Regardless, I’m super excited about my new colors! My current Gel manicure is going on 17 days…

Gelish Light Elegant

…It’s coming off Friday, and I will replace it with one of those fabulous neons!

Which one of the two neon shades do you think should I wear on vacation next week: Tiki Tiki Laragana or Shake it Till You Samba? What was the best deal you’ve ever snagged on a bottle of nail polish?

Until next time! XO

Vamping up my go-to dinner!

If I had to pick my favorite genre of food, it’d be Mexican…hands down! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the healthiest of options. Tonight I made one of my typical “cooking for one” go-to meals…which I feel is a tad bit Mexican-ish LOL.

I usually make a Veggie patty or Lean Cuisine spring rolls with black beans and a vegetable. Last minute, I decided to switch things up a bit, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Check it out 🙂

I steamed some fresh broccoli and cooked up my Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls. 1 serving is 3 rolls, but I only eat 1 1/2, and usually keep the other half for lunch.

I adore rice, if I could eat a giant bowl of pilaf for dinner every night, I would. I cannot give it up completely so I’ve switched to whole grain brown rice…which is just as tasty.

I went to go make my black beans when I remembered a Refried Beans recipe that Miss Jenny AKA @TofuSwag had recently posted. The lovely Cait Plus Ate  made the dish this past weekend, and had simply raved about it in a post this morning! I scurried through our cabinets and what do you know…I actually had all of the ingredients! It was fate 🙂

Cooking up some black beans…pre-mashed:

These smelled so yummy! I love refried beans, but I’ve never actually made them, I was surprised by how quick and easy it was!

And dinner is served! Generous portion of fresh broccoli, scoop of amazing homemade refried beans (so much flavor!), scoop of whole grain rice pilaf topped with 1 1/2 chopped lean cuisine spring rolls 🙂

I like to eat my dinner on a salad plate, I’m not sure why this food looks like it’s on a serving platter LOL

When I know that I’m making some extra food I like to package up a to-go container for lunch the next day.

Even though this was a fairly typical dinner for me, I loved being able to switch it up a bit! There’s nothing better than finding yummy new recipes  from some of my favorite bloggers that I end up genuinely liking! Keep ’em coming everyone!! 😉


OH! Can’t end a post without a shot of my nails! I’ve been a little out of control with my manicures the past 3 days…

Sunday morning I painted them “You’re Such a Sweet-Tart” from Gelish’s Candyland collection…

The color wasn’t horrible, but it reminded me of the slime on Nickelodeon and I couldn’t image staring at this color for 2 weeks LOL.

Sunday night I painted them with Gelish “Rendezvous” topped with a coat of Wet N’ Wild glitter…

Tonight I was so over that color too, so I painted them with Gelish Light Elegant. My friend Kyra had texted me a picture of the polish yesterday and I had to pick it up!

This is such a simple, but gorgeous color that I KNOW I will be able to stand it for a couple of weeks. Lord knows my nails need a break!

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