WIWTW Returns: Week 4

Happy Sunday Everyone! Last week was definitely a hectic one. Monday gave me a dang near mental breakdown. I woke up knowing it was going to be a challenging day and was ready to tackle it head on, but things kept going wrong left and right. UGH!


Blogmas 2014 – Day 4 – Hair, Coffee, Target :)

Happy Blogmas Day 4 …and (as you’ll read this) Friday Eve! 🙂

Soo, I chopped off all of my hair last week. I’ve wanted to do it for a few months now, so I just bit the bullet and decided to go for it. I asked my stylist to cut an angled bob (which I’ve always wanted to try) and I’m glad I did it, because I don’t think I’ll ever do it again ha. I’ve been having so much trouble styling it! It’s way too short in the back, so I’ve been rocking a little nub ponytail basically every day (except Thanksgiving) since. This morning, I attempted to curl it and totally failed. It had potential, but I ran out of experiment time before work.

Left is the day I chopped it - it looks fine from the front, but the back is basically at the nape of my neck. Right is my sad attempt to curl it in 10 minutes this morning LOL. I used a regular clamp iron and burned my face/neck 6 times or so hah. I think I'll try my wand next time. I need some volume up top!!
Left is a picture from last week on the day I chopped it  – it looks fine from the front, but the back basically lies at the nape of my neck – it’s like 1″ long from scalp to tip – a little drafty. I initially wanted to go shorter! My stylist said we’d start here & could always cut more – thank goodness for her. Right is my sad attempt to curl it in 10 minutes this morning LOL – honestly, what even is this?! I used a 1/2″ regular clamp iron which I never use, but I thought it may be easier – after burning my my face/neck a few times, I was proven wrong lol. I think I’ll try my wand next time. I need some volume up top!! Like, why is it all flat like that?! Hahahaha, oohh, I can’t. (Insert laughing/crying emoji – wordpress should really get an emoji plugin. Maybe they do? Let me know if you have emojis!)

After the sad hair attempt – I just put it up into my trusty little nub pony, and made a cup of the yummiest coffee before work.

I just picked up these mocha swirl kcups - which are AMAZING!
I just picked up these mocha swirl kcups – which are AMAZING!

The coffee was SO good that I tweeted Folgers – it’s always fun to get a tweet back 😉

...they tweeted back. I freaking love Twitter.
I love Twitter.

Fast forward through my day at work…it was busy, but productive. I had to run a ton of errands which is always a nice way to break up the day.

After work I met up with one of my girlfriends, Steph, for some margaritas. I love when we go out – we’re very similar in a lot of ways (personally/socially), but she also works for a marketing company, so we totally get each other. Everytime we get together we always end up staying out way too late & chatting about life, work, goals, dreams, and whatnot… it’s nice to have a girlfriend like that!

After dinner, we ended up popping into Target… because who doesn’t love a trip to Target?!

I have no ideas
Why all of the carts are just hanging in the middle of the store – I have no idea.
Side note - I really wish I fit into children's clothes. Or had a cute little girl to dress up. One dayyy! :)
Side note – I really wish I fit into children’s clothes – that sweater on the top right is the cutest/coziest thing ever.

With Margarita brain, I couldn’t help picking up a couple of fun holiday-ish things..

This adorable snowman floor mat was only $3
This adorable snowman floor mat was only $3 & now lives in our kitchen
Im a sucker for a day planner. Ive used one since middle school. Ive bought
I’m a sucker for a cute day planner. I really don’t like my mobile calendar, it’s just not the same as having a physical one. My 2014 planner is in its last month so I’ve been on the hunt! I saw some really fun ones at Target on Black Friday & almost took one home, but passed because the check out lines were just too long. I’m really glad I did though, because I hadn’t seen this one! I was sold in a heartbeat – I’m so in love with it. It’s my most fabulous planner to date 🙂

Today was a really good day, but I’m happy to be in bed and watching a cheesy Lifetime/Hallmark movie. I have to be up really early to meet a client tomorrow morning so I hope to pass out soon!

I hope everyone has a great Friday Eve! The weekend is almost here 🙂

What is your favorite Kcup flavor? I love trying out new ones!

 Do you prefer to use a physical calendar or a mobile one? Or do you just live life planner-free? 😉



((If you’re participating in Blogmas, leave a comment below so I can peek your blog 🙂 ))

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