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WIWTW Returns: Week 8 + Cyber Monday Steals!

Hi loves! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I sort of checked out unexpectedly. I had planned on sharing a couple of posts, but I ended up taking the weekend to spend some time with family and to knock out ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Yes, you read that correctly. As of last night, I am 99% positive that I’ve purchased all of my gifts and it feels pretty darn good.


Class Meets Comfort: The Kitten Heel

As a short girl, barely breaking 5 feet, I’ve always loved being able to wear high heels. In high school, college, and post-grad, I would more often than not, be found in a comfortable pair of wedges, boots, clogs, booties, pumps, heck, even platform sneakers for a quick bit there. I loved being able to add those few extra inches!

About a year ago, I was SO sick of my high heels – they suddenly became really uncomfortable for everyday and I needed an alternative. Insert, the kitten heel.



My Latest Obsession…

Here’s a little Spring color to brighten up the dreary Winter day we are having on the East Coast. I had a dream the other night that I bought a pair of fuchsia skinny jeans, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since!

I have red, pink, grey, and blue skinny jeans that I adore, but I’m ready to expand to my collection for the Spring/Summer months. I’m officially on a hunt for pairs of fuchsia, peach, yellow, and greens!

Gap, Express, J. Crew, and Pac Sun have all been recommended to me by some lovely twitter followers.

Where have you found the comfiest pair?

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