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2014 Emmy Fashion Favorites

Back to back red carpets?! What a fun treat to make my first week back from vacation a little more exciting [vaca post in the works]!

I posted my faves and fails of the VMA fashion on Monday & couldn’t help but whip up another blog for the swoon-worthy Emmy looks as well.

First off, my least favorite:

I'm SO SORRY Lena, I love you. You're brilliant. Your dress hurts my heart.
I’m SO SORRY Lena, I love you. You’re brilliant. Your dress hurts my heart.

My most FAVORITE look of the night came from Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland.

I couldn’t stop googling pictures of her on the red carpet! The dress, the colors, the hair, jewels, makeup, polish, everything – stunning. I’d wear this entire ensemble in a heartbeat!! Perfection!
Even if she did have a shoe meltdown. Girl after my own heart, I could see myself freaking out & doing the same. It was kind of funny -read about it here.
…Even if she did have a shoe meltdown. Girl after my own heart. I could see myself freaking out & doing the same. Shoes can be difficult! It was kind of funny – read about it here.

Another note-worthy contender for Best Dressed goes to Julia Roberts.

A) She's glowing. B) Her dress is such a healthy balance of style, class, and youth. C) Her legs are insane.
A) She’s glowing. B) Her dress is such a healthy balance of style, class, and youth. C) Her legs are insane.

There was so much fabulousness at the Emmys, it put the VMA’s to shame!

What were your favorite & least favorite looks of the night?

Click here to see a full gallery from the 2014 Emmy red carpet!



GIRLS – They NAILed It! ;)

Don’t you just love when two of your favorite things fabulously collide?!

Who watches GIRLS? I’ve been a huge fan since day 1. I literally counted down to the premiere of the first season after weeks of teasers and trailers continuously diluted my television. After the first episode I instantly fell in love with everything about the show; the writing, the acting, the messages, the simplicity. I think most girls can relate to the characters in some way or another (I think I am a healthy combination of Marnie & Shoshanna lol).

Well, the brilliant Lena Dunham & HBO are bringing those fabulous chicks back on January 13th for season 2 & I am so excited. To make the premiere even better, Deborah Lippmann has recently debuted a limited edition GIRLS inspired polish line! Four colors, each of which is representative of one of the girls.


The crazy thing is that before I even saw the colors, I had a vision of what each would be, and I was nearly spot on! I wouldn’t have gone with any other shade for Marnie & Jessa, I did picture a purple for Shoshanna, however my version would have been a brighter more vibrant/neon/deep purple. Hannah is definitely a cooler-tone, I initially thought a blue, but the green works just as well!

Either way- I was pretty darn close… I think that says something about what I’m meant to do in life! Someone get me into a polish company! Deb, OPI, Essie, ZOYA, China Glaze, Gelish…I’m looking at you!! 😉

Okay, back to the collection… I can’t help but note that this line is similar to some of my other favorites…

Gelish "Dear Johnny Green" ...Hello Hannah!
Gelish “Dear Johnny Green” …Hello Hannah!
If Sally Hansen's "Shell We Dance" isn't a spot on dupe for Marnie, I don't know what is!
If Sally Hansen’s ‘Shell We Dance’ isn’t a perfect dupe for ‘Marnie’, I don’t know what is!
This Forever 21 No-Namer
This Forever 21 no-namer might as well have been ‘Shoshanna’
…and ‘Jessa’ is pretty close to this Gelish favorite, ‘Black Cherry Berry’

The entire line is $45 and available for pre-order here! Shipping will begin mid-January.

Let me know if you order, and how you like the collection! I know I will 🙂
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