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Long Lost Spring + Summer Mani’s

I have a bizarre & obsessive habit of photographing my fingernails quite frequently. That being said, I’ve accumulated a camera roll full of long lost manicures that never made their way to my blog or social pages over the last few months.

In an effort to free up some space on my phone, I recently uploaded all of the photos from my iphone to my laptop – giving me a chance to relive some of the fabulous mani’s that I had throughout the Spring/Summer.

I wanted to share some of those shots with my fellow mani-lovers, so I’ve pulled some of my favorites to post!

I tried to note any polish details that I remembered as well.

Enjoy 🙂

Spring 2014 - Nina Ultra Pro "Fuchsia Rage"
Nina Ultra Pro “Fuchsia Rage”
Spring 2014 - Gelish "Garden Teal Party"
Gelish “Garden Teal Party”
Sally Hansen "Mint Sprint"
Sally Hansen “Mint Sprint”
Essie "French Affair"
Essie “French Affair”
Gelish - Carnival Hangover
Gelish – Carnival Hangover
Sinful Colors "Soul Mate"
Sinful Colors “Soul Mate” (I LOVED this color this Summer & looking back at it – I’m still just as obsessed)
Orly "Prelude to a Kiss"
Orly “Prelude to a Kiss”
Sally Hansen "Red My Lips"
Sally Hansen “Red My Lips”
Nina Ultra Pro "Tangerine Dream"
Nina Ultra Pro “Tangerine Dream”
Finger Paints "Springtime Bloom"
Finger Paints “Springtime Bloom”
Another... new York Color "Wine Bar"
New York Color “Wine Bar”
Sally Hansen "Plums the Word"
Sally Hansen “Plums the Word”

Clearly, my favorite place to snap a mani pic is in my car lol…it’s that natural lighting ;). There were so many fun colors the past two seasons!

As the colder temps are setting in, I’ve been wearing a ton of new Fall/Winter polishes. I’ve been posting them on my Instagram – you can follow me & check them out here! 🙂



I’m currently in the process of growing my nails out. Woof.

This time last year, I had some serious claws – and I miss them!!

Sometimes, I can't even believe that these were are mine!!
Sometimes, I can’t even believe that these were mine!! Loved the almond shape.

I go back and forth between wanting long nails & super short nails. I’ve had baby nails for a couple months now, so I’m currently longing for some growth. 🙂

Being cursed with thin & weak nails, the *only* way for me to see serious growth is via gel manicures. These manicures last me [a week, minimum] & do a great job at preventing nearly all splitting or breakage. SO, a gel mani was in order…

Current mani: Gelish "Garden Teal Party"
I opted for Gelish “Garden Teal Party”

QUICK SIDE NOTE: I tweeted a photo of my mani last the weekend & got some social media love from Gelish [so fun]! At least they think my nails look amazing. 😉

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 9.13.41 PM


Since I’m trying to make my manicures last  as long as possible during these growing pains, I’ve been using my little manicure-lasting trick…

I’ve been able to prove time & time again, that if I paint over my gel manicure with regular polish, the mani lasts at least twice as long.

I was really loving my Garden Teal Party and wanted to paint over it with a similar shade. I recently had these polishes delivered in my Julep Maven boxes…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Julep – Tazeen & Lissa. LOVE!

The teal was exactly the color that I was looking for, but I was dying to use this amazing full coverage glitter as well – so I opted for an accent nail on my ring finger. Stupid me wasn’t paying close attention while I was painting my second hand and I painted right over my ring finger with the teal. SO, I compromised & made my index finger on my right hand the accent nail. I can’t say that the mis-match has been bothering much!


Here’s to hoping this mani lasts me another week! Come onnnnnn long nailllllllsss!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to drench them in cuticle oil every hour. 🙂

Sally Hansen, of course - my all time favorite oil!
Sally Hansen, of course – my all time favorite oil!

What do you do to help grow your nails out?

Any tips?



Simple & Stylish Patriotic Manicures

I love holiday manicures & the 4th of July is the perfect time to get creative!

Now, as much as I’m into my nails, I’m not really into crazy nail art. I do mix it up a little bit, but overall, I’m pretty simple when it comes to my manis which surprises people, but it’s just my style. 🙂

This weekend, my cousin is actually getting married [SO EXCITED!!] so I’m opting out of a festive red, white, and blue mani in exchange for a polish that compliments my dress – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been oogling the fun designs that have been coming across my social timelines!

Here are a couple of my favorite, simplistic, but still ode-to-America manicure picks!

Love this look from Lulu's.
Love this look from Lulu’s.
A little Minnie-Mouse-y, but I love! From PinsPlace.
A little Minnie-Mouse-y, but I love! From PinsPlace.


Similar concept as above with a little more glitter, from Tends-Style.
Similar concept as Lulu’s, but with a little more glitter, from @vickyaliceb
Love this look from Bloomin Beauty Blog!
Love this look from Bloomin Beauty Blog!
A simple RWB from Peek & Ponder!
A simple RWB from Peek & Ponder!
May be the cutest little accent nail ever - from Pretty Prudent.
May be the cutest little accent nail ever – from Pretty Prudent.

Did you find a cute mani design for the 4th? Link it below!

I hope that everyone has a safe & Happy 4th of July weekend!


Neon Deals & Hunger Games Steals!

I received a great rewards coupon to Sally’s Beauty Supply, so I recently took a trip to pick up a new fun & bright Gelish polish color for my vacation next week, and I left with quite the haul!

I picked up a neon orange and a neon pink shade! I adore the names 🙂

They are super bright, but exactly what I was looking for!

No flash

Sallys always has some decent items on clearance, so I went to browse and saw that there were a handful of China Glaze colors for only $1.50 a piece! I’m sorry, but how exactly does one pass that up?!

The colors looked familiar, after reading the names I realized that they were from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection.

When they released this collection a few months ago I was on my Gel manicure spree and had opted out of purchasing any regular polishes. I’m not strictly using gel anymore, and these colors are perfect for Fall!


The problem with having so many gorgeous new polishes is deciding which one you’re going to wear first!

Hook and Line

I swear I have this exact color (below) from maybe 4 different brands lol. But it’s a Fall/Winter fave!

Foie Gras

The only other Hunger Games color they had was Mahogany Magic, which was too much of a muddy brown for me. I really wish they had Electrify!

Regardless, I’m super excited about my new colors! My current Gel manicure is going on 17 days…

Gelish Light Elegant

…It’s coming off Friday, and I will replace it with one of those fabulous neons!

Which one of the two neon shades do you think should I wear on vacation next week: Tiki Tiki Laragana or Shake it Till You Samba? What was the best deal you’ve ever snagged on a bottle of nail polish?

Until next time! XO

Spring Mani Tutorial

Lately, I’ve been  opting out of my gel mani’s. I want to let my nails breathe a bit, and to be honest- I missed using all of the gorgeous regular colors that I have! Since I am such a nut about having chip-free nails, and seeing as regular polish doesn’t last too long or remain as shiny as gel does,  I  painted them on Sunday afternoon…for the third time this week.

I wanted to choose a fun Spring color (Even though I hear Connecticut can expect Winter-like temperatures this upcoming week :(). Here is my mani process shared through pictures… enjoy!

I like to set up my nail station so that I have everything I need ready to go...
When there's nothing on TV, I pop in Newlyweds. I honestly watch episodes on a weekly basis...such a guilty pleasure. I choose to ignore the reality of their failed relationship, but I promise I'm not in denial lol
Glass file, ridge triangle, buffing cube & cuticle clipper
OPI Chip Skip, Nail Tek II base coat, Love & Beauty Forever 21 Lilac polish, and Seche Vite top coat
(My nails are super EW without polish-look at that ring finger, I don't even know what happened to it-ugh! Hence the letting them breathe phase). File and buff, apply layer of Chip Skip & 1 layer of base coat, follow with the first coat of color, then a second, finish with a generous layer of Seche Vite top coat
Clean up edges with Q-tips and 100% acetone
And ta-da! I'm loving this color 🙂

What are some of your favorite Spring colors?

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