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Skaket Beach | Cape Cod 2015

I love nothing more than spending time with my family. I enjoy doing anything with them, but taking our annual summer vacation is my very favorite. This summer, we abandoned our beloved Jersey Shore for a week in Cape Cod.

While nothing will ever compare to the nostalgic Jersey beach towns, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Cape! Each place we visited was as adorable as the one before; but there was one location in particular that I could not get over — Skaket Beach.

We visited this bay beach three times during the week – twice during the day, and once at sunset. The water was warm, the views were incredible, and once the tide rolled out – you could walk for  what felt like miles (which we did).  I brought my phone along to snap some photos — I had one too many to Insta, so I I figured I’d share them here…



Beach Vacation Must-Haves

There’s no better way to beat the New England cold than to escape somewhere warm. I’m heading to the Cayman Islands for a nice little vacation, and I couldn’t be anymore excited! While writing a packing list, I realized there are some things that I couldn’t imagine being on the beach without:

VAca Must HavesJPG1) Fun, printed bikinis. Bright colors, of course!

2) IPad -it’s perfect when you’re unable to use your cell, and much easier than toting your  laptop around!

3) Big sunglasses – need I explain more?

4) A good beach read. I’m currently in the middle of Safe Haven, I want to finish it before I see the movie.

5) Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. I love the gold shimmer in this one.

6) Floppy hat – love these when I’m laying out.

7) Gold flip flops – they’re perfect for the beach & going out at night.

8) A fun manicure! I’ll probably go with a Gelish polish so that it’ll last my whole vacation, but I’m not sure which color just yet – something bright!

9) A beach cover up. These are essential – perfect for when you want to get up and grab lunch, take a walk, or need to cover your skin.

I cannot wait to get away, I am really looking forward to soaking up some sun! These are just a few of my must-haves, is there anything else that I should throw in my beach bag?

Best Dressed: Grammys 2013

Let me start by acknowledging my little announcement last night that I was going to boycott the Grammys …

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 6.41.45 PM

…myself, and the rest of New England have literally been snowed in for 3 days now. I cannot tell you how many movies, re-runs, and mindless television I’ve watched – talk about stir crazy/cabin fever.

Post-blizzard. So much snow!
Post-blizzard. So much snow!

However, I couldn’t help but watch the live red carpet on E! It’s not that easy to opt out of all that fashion! I had so much fun blogging about the stars’ outfits last year … and who could forget that Louboutin Manicure?!

So, without further ado – let’s get to it. Here are my picks for the best dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards:

Shaun Robinson: (waiting for confirmation on designer) Looking fabulous in purple!


Taylor Swift: J. Mendel. Wasn’t too crazy about her hair, but I loved the dress – she always kills it in JM!


Nazanin Mandi (Miguels’ Girlfriend): (waiting for confirmation on designer) I love when the stars have a significant other who is a red carpet star in their own right! Last year at the ACM’s it was Lacey Buchanan, Jake Owens then girlfriend, this year it was Miguels lady! Cute LBD & fun hair. She makes her man look good – hot hot hot!

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.10.45 PM

J.Lo: Anthony Vaccarello. The woman is rock solid & looked amazing in this black gown!


Faith Hill: J. Mendel. There’s a lot of chatter about this dress, but I think she looked great! It fits her like a glove and the beading was so fun! Side note: did anyone else see the serious rock on her pinky finger!?


Kelly Rowland: Georges Chakra. More often than not I find Kelly Rowland on my list of best dressed. This black geometric, cutout number looks incredible on her!

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.13.27 PM

Rihanna: Custom Azzedine Alaia. Rihanna is usually a total hit or a total miss – I have to say, what a pleasant surprise to see her so cute & cleaned up tonight! LOVE!


Those were some of my red carpet highlights! Unfortunately, I was disappointed with Carrie Underwood & Beyonce – they both looked great, but I think that they could of done something a little more fun! Maybe next year.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve loved the addition of the mani-cam to these awards shows. It might be more exciting to me than the red carpet itself! My Mom is too funny – I think that being the person who gets to man the mani-cam may be on my list of dream jobs. 😉
Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.27.33 PM

Who were some of your favorites on the 2013 Grammy Red Carpet?

The Big E!

There are only a few things that I truly look forward to every year, one of them happens to be The Big E! If you’re not from New England, you’re probably unfamiliar, but it is an annual 2-3 week fair that offers everything from rides, to games, to concerts, to animals, to shows, to terrible-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious foods!

My boyfriend and I went on Sunday. I was up bright and early, ready to go… he wasn’t as enthused LOL…

Naturally, I had been making a list of everything I intended to eat. Please excuse the sloppiness of my writing…for the record, the majority of these items were added when they came to mind (the middle of the night, at the grocery store, in the car)…

12 items- ambitious! (Creme puff? Surely a late night reminder lol)

Once we arrived, we decided that we would share everything (to avoid becoming too full). We started with a classic corn-dog, which was delicious!

From there we spotted the bloomin’ onions! Seeing as we are such fans of this Outback & Texas Roadhouse favorite, we wanted to try the Big E version!

We ate it with ranch & horseradish dipping sauces

I really wanted to love this…but I didn’t. It was tasty don’t get me wrong, but the onions were kind of hard, and the fried portion fell right off when you tried to pick up a piece. I don’t even think we ate 1/4 of it, we wanted to save our appetite. On to the next…!

The famous cream puff! SO GOOD! I really loved it, the filling was so cold & rich, it was almost ice cream-like.  Definitely a favorite. 🙂

Afterwards, we spotted an amazing booth that literally fried everything. PB&J, Brownies, Cookie Dough, Snickers Bars, Samoas, the list goes on ! I knew that the Samoas were new this year so we got an order…

I’m not sure, but I just may like the regular un-fried version a bit better- never the less these were delicious!

Bright sun made it hard to focus :-/

While at the same booth, my boyfriend wanted to try the fried cookie dough. I am not a big fan of raw cookie dough to being with, and was not a fan of these at all, but he loved them! Imagine biting into a warm, super melty ball of chocolate cookie dough…

At this point, we needed a break. So we walked around, did some shopping and played some games.

No luck 🙁
I picked up this $5 black evil-eye-esque bracelet 🙂
Always have to stop for basketball!
Just roaming around 🙂

Okay, back to the food. Mike failed me, he couldn’t put down anything else, but I had to get a loaded baked potato seeing as they are my absolute favorite!

Butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon bits & chives. The best way to order- YUM!

After that it was about time for me to check out too. We decided to get a caricatures drawn of us. The result had us dying!

It’s all fun and games to me- I expected to look goofy, but Mike was so offended and instantly thought he resembled…

N*SYNC’s very own….Chris Kirkpatrick!!

Aahahahahaahah!!!! We were laughing so hard, he could totally dopplegang him, but I still think he looks like someone else- I just can’t put my finger on it.

Giving his best goofy Chris smile. I didn’t think it was that bad! LOL

That was pretty much our trip to the Big E in a nutshell. Unfortunately, we put a measly dent in the list which may result in a second trip… but that was our own fault- our approach was all wrong. I don’t think you should eat all of those sweets at the beginning. We figured that many of the items we will still look forward to enjoying at other local, upcoming Fall festivals 🙂

Either way, we had a great time. If you are in the area and haven’t been, I highly suggest taking the trip to the Big E! They’ll be here through Sunday, September 30th!

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