Snag Her Style: Taylor Swift

With Taylor’s new album & recent move to NYC, she seems to be popping up all over the place…and looking more polished than ever! I recently saw an adorable, yet super simple Fall outfit that she was sporting in the streets of NY & I am dying to snag the style…

taylorswift  So I did 🙂


Taylor outfit

Black tote with gold hardware: TJ Maxx – $29.99

 Burgundy ankle length skinny jeans: Windsor – $11.43

Tan double breasted peacoat: Target – $54.99

Fingerless gloves: Gap – $11.89

Apple earbuds w/ mic: A4C – $13.95

Red matte lipstick “Really Red”: Revlon – $7.99

Brown lace-up belted combat boots: Charlotte Russe – $42.99

Plaid scarf: Forever 21 – $8.80

Have you seen Tay bopping around the city in a cute outfit? Send me a link to it below! 

Magic Hot Tool

I have the most pathetic hair. Luckily, I’m cool with it [I’m more of a nail girl]. Most days I throw it on top of my head & just rock with it. Other days I feel like putting in a little effort. I’ve been avoiding hot tools & hair products for about week now – I’m trying to go “no-poo” …but that’s a whole other blog post [you can Google it in the mean time]!

Anyways, this weekend I decided to do SOMETHING with my hair. I was going to be seeing people that I hadn’t in a while…in public, and didn’t feel like looking like a total frump. In an effort to follow as many “no-poo” rules as possible, I decided to keep it simple. Using only a heat protectant spray on the ends of my hair & my secret ceramic weapon of a hot tool [keep reading], I was able to bring my limp & lame locks to life!

I’ve used this tool quite a few times before … & every-single, no seriously, literally, every-single-time I get SO many compliments on my hair. After receiving so much love in person & on social media this weekend, I decided I needed to share!

Insert secret weapon…

Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron
Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron – can be purchased at a Wal-mart near you 🙂


Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.34
My cousin, who has thick & fabulous hair purchased this iron & it wasn’t for her. Being her younger, beauty-product-junkie of a cousin, she passed it off to me [thank you, Dawn]!
This is honestly the perfect tool for anyone who has thin & flat hair [like I do :(]. It creates a clean, beachy-wave style that lasts!

HOW-TO: …Apologies for my photobooth pics below – I didn’t have time to properly photograph. Hopefully they are still  helpful!

1) Clip up your hair & leave a small section out to clamp. The more sections you have, the better…more volume!


Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #2

2) Starting from the root of that piece of hair, clamp the tool on top of the hair [with the double barrel side UNDER the hair – you want the styler to create an “n” or a “c” curve, not a “u” curve.

Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #3

3) Hold in place for about 20 seconds, unclamp, move down the piece of hair & repeat as many times as necessary to reach the end. My hair length takes about 3 clamps per piece.

Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #4

4) Take down a new section of hair & repeat until your entire head is done!


…and TA-DA! SO easy, no!?

I really was that happy haha
I really was that happy about it! haha

So much volume, so much curl! Such an easy way to completely transform lame hair! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to give their thin & flat hair an all-natural looking boost!  🙂

Have you tried this styling tool before?

Any other tips for thin, flat hair? I’d love to hear them! 



2012 Fall Favorites

Fall is one of my favorite times of year…the colors, smells, food, and fashion- to die! Not so lucky for us on the East Coast, this Fall has been aggressively interrupted by Hurricane Sandy, and most recently this friendly little Nor’easter named Athena. While my state, and town are currently buried in fresh white snow, I wanted to bring it back and remember that regardless of what we may feel…winter is not here yet!

To help get back in the mind set, I picked out some of my absolute favorite things about Fall 2012 thus far- enjoy!

Fall nailpolish! This has been a favorite of mine this season: Essie Bordeaux
This manicure is two coats of Gelish “Sweet Chocolate” with two coats of Essie “Bordeaux” on top. I’m in love with the pairing!
Transitional season jackets! I love this black leather one that I picked up at Marshalls a couple of years ago!
Candles! I burn candles year round, but the Fall scents are my favorites. My go-to’s are Vanilla, Pecan Pie, Fresh Baked Cookies, and Pumpkin Spice 🙂
My midnight snack: Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt. I am obsessed with their Blueberry Vanilla Graham flavor!
Halloween! This is one of my favorite days of the year! I usually like to get super creative, but kept it simple this year. Here’s the funny thing about our costumes: my boyfriend has to grow his hair out, one night we were playing around with it and he looked JUST like Danny Zuko! So we thought it’d be fun to dress up as Sandy & Danny for Halloween. Before you know it, we were about to get hit with Hurricane Sandy & everyone decided to dress the same in honor of the storm! I didn’t even really care for the costume, we did it all for his hair- which he barely ended up styling LOL. So you’ve heard it here: I did not dress up in honor of Hurricane Sandy, I dressed up to compliment my boyfriends locks!
Belts! I love adding a belt to a plain pair of slacks or around a simple sweater!
My Louis Vuitton 🙂 I got this bag last year & it is so special for many reasons! I carried it right up until the beginning of Spring last year, and then packed it up until Fall- in my opinion it’s far too seasonal to carry throughout the summer! Ever since, I have been itching to take it out again. I think that sometime this week I’ll transfer everything & start carrying it again!
Bath & Body Works Paris Amour hand lotion, Gelish NOURISH cuticle oil, Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing “Fearless” Gloss, and a Revlon nail file. These three items are crucial, the lotion & oil I use at least a dozen times per day- my hands and nails get very dry once the weather starts to get chilly. I must have them on me (in my purse) at all times. 😉
Seasonal phone wallpaper. It seems silly, but I always change my phone background with the seasons, holidays, etc. I had a colorful Fall scene for a while, but I just changed it to this gorgeous photo once the snow started coming down today! I know it’s borderline Winter, but I found it on Google a while ago & have been dying to use it. (I believe it was shot by Madeline Bea Photography– she has gorgeous work!)
Big, cozy sweaters! I bought this wrap from H & M in 2007 and still adore it 🙂
Family dinners: Fall is all about cooking! I spent last weekend cooking a mini Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my Mama. Nothing I love more than spending time with my family 🙂
Everything APPLE! My Apple Crisp pie is hands down my favorite Fall recipe (and always a crowd pleaser!) I’ve already baked two this season & plan on making at least a couple more. Let me know if I should post the recipe!
Half/Oval/Mini-Stiletto Nails: I decided to try a completely new nail shape. I attempted this look almost a year ago & hated it! I decided to give it another shot except this time around I used a different filing technique & am currently in love with these nails! As they slowly grow longer, the pointier I’m able to shape them 🙂 (Polish = Gelish “Black Cherry Berry”)

Those are just a few of my favorite things this season! What are you loving about Fall this year? Let me know 🙂

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