I’m Blue a dab a dee dab a da :)

First things first, regarding the title of the post – who remembers that song?! I definitely jammed out to Eiffel 65’s Blu Da Ba Dee on my NOW 4 CD in 2000 –

So many faves!

How about a little refresher? Take a listen, you know you want to! 😉

Color Club Gift of Sparkle[/caption]

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

One coat of Color Club + 2 coats of China Glaze created the perfect combo!

Natural light

Look 2:

I like both combinations for different reasons, the China Glaze glitter was a lot of fun! Has anyone else been wearing a shade of blue polish lately?

Neon Deals & Hunger Games Steals!

I received a great rewards coupon to Sally’s Beauty Supply, so I recently took a trip to pick up a new fun & bright Gelish polish color for my vacation next week, and I left with quite the haul!

I picked up a neon orange and a neon pink shade! I adore the names 🙂

They are super bright, but exactly what I was looking for!

No flash

Sallys always has some decent items on clearance, so I went to browse and saw that there were a handful of China Glaze colors for only $1.50 a piece! I’m sorry, but how exactly does one pass that up?!

The colors looked familiar, after reading the names I realized that they were from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection.

When they released this collection a few months ago I was on my Gel manicure spree and had opted out of purchasing any regular polishes. I’m not strictly using gel anymore, and these colors are perfect for Fall!


The problem with having so many gorgeous new polishes is deciding which one you’re going to wear first!

Hook and Line

I swear I have this exact color (below) from maybe 4 different brands lol. But it’s a Fall/Winter fave!

Foie Gras

The only other Hunger Games color they had was Mahogany Magic, which was too much of a muddy brown for me. I really wish they had Electrify!

Regardless, I’m super excited about my new colors! My current Gel manicure is going on 17 days…

Gelish Light Elegant

…It’s coming off Friday, and I will replace it with one of those fabulous neons!

Which one of the two neon shades do you think should I wear on vacation next week: Tiki Tiki Laragana or Shake it Till You Samba? What was the best deal you’ve ever snagged on a bottle of nail polish?

Until next time! XO

Gelish “Starburst” & “Rendezvous” Manicure

After about a 3 week hiatus, I am back on my gel manicures! I was missing my long lasting, shiny, strong manicures. After posting about the new Gelish Candy Land Collection I was dying to pick up their new yellow shade “Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss”.

They were nearly out! They had one of each color, except for "You're So Sweet, You're Giving Me a Toothache" which luckily, I already had!

I was so excited that there was one left…it appeared to be a pastel-yellow, but when I took a closer look, it was much more Frenchs Mustard-ish…with a hint of shimmer. I was so bummed, I didn’t end up getting it 🙁

I don't think I'd care to look at this color on my nails for 2 weeks lol

This Sallys had a poor selection of Gelish colors in general, so I didn’t end up buying anything new. I got home and decided to work with colors I already had.

I chose to work with Gelish Starburst and Rendezvous.

I used Rendezvous, a deep magenta/pink on all of my fingers except for my thumb, and ring finger…which were painted with Starburst.

I'm not sure that I love these colors together, but it was something different! (Rendezvous isn't as red as this picture would suggest)
Day 5: Still chip free and shiny 🙂 (Oh I've missed manis that last longer than 2 days!) This shows a more realistic shade of "Rendezvous"

UPDATE: (I like to note the longevity of my gel manicures) I tweeted a picture of my manicure on day 11…it was still holding up, but I am really ready for a change.

Day 11
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