#WIWTW: Week 8 + A Challenge for YOU!

Happy Sunday!

I hope that everyone had a great week + you’re all enjoying this beautiful weekend! I’m so excited to be back with the¬†8th WEEK of my #WIWTW series [holy moly]! I could go on + on thanking you for reading + telling you how much I’m enjoying this series, but you already know all that! ūüėČ So let’s get onto the good stuff…

I hope you enjoy my outfits this week!¬†Be sure to read until¬†the end, I’m proposing a little challenge for YOU! XO

In case you missed is, a quick preview of my looks from week 7!
In case you missed it, here’s a quick preview of my looks from week 7!


#WIWTW: Week 7 + Halloween Recap

Happy Sunday, beautiful people! ūüôā

I’m back for WEEK 7 of my¬†#WIWTW¬†series. I decided¬†to start hyperlinking items that are still available for sale¬†for those interested in purchasing. I’m going to try + go back to¬†update the last 6 posts as well.

...Looks from week 6
In case you missed it, a quick preview of my looks from week 6!

Alright, moving¬†onto this weeks¬†outfits …+ a little Halloween recap! ūüôā


The Blanket Scarf

I am a huge fan of scarves Рyear round. However, come Fall, I prefer scarves of the chunkier, warmer, larger variety. Insert: the blanket scarf.

plaid blanket scarf 2


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