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Miracle Top Coat

I get asked manicure-related questions by friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers all – of – the – time. And I LOVE when I have the perfect answer for them! 🙂

Recently, I got a comment/question on my #ManiMonday Instagram post from a sweet girl that I went to college with…


I get asked this question so frequently! There are hundreds of suggestions & techniques that will help your mani dry quicker, but I’m happy to share that my solution is as simple as one miracle product!

INM OutTheDoor
INM OutTheDoor Super Fast Drying Top Coat

Let me tell you, this product has been tried & true! I have tested nearly every ‘quick’, ‘fast’, and ‘speed dry’ top coat under the sun, but have committed to this one for years!

Here’s why:

1) It actually dries fast. Like, really FAST. I’m not going to claim that your nails will be free from any and all smudging immediately after your mani, but they will be totally dry to the touch. No stickiness!

2) It doesn’t bubble. Sometimes (no matter how many tricks you try), you just cannot prevent bubbles in your polish – or your topcoat. This top coat is not only bubble free, but it HIDES any bubbles that may have developed after painting on your color.

3) The bottle will last. Many times, top coats will become thicker & tacky before the bottle is even half gone. This one does not.

4) It doesn’t smell! Well, kind of. It has an odor (not a bad one), but it doesn’t change as it gets older.

5) It’s affordable. Between $4-$5 a bottle, it’s definitely worth the money. And it can be found at most local drugstores (I usually pick mine up at CVS or Sally’s Beauty Supply).

6) It has an amazing, glossy finish. Pretty comparable to gel!

I just want quickly bring up another popular fast drying top coat that people tend to rave about – Seche Vite.



I have used Seche many times, and while it does have some notable attributes, I still believe that OTD is far better. Heres why…

…INM OTD can be compared to maybe a brand new bottle of Seche Vite. Seche has many of the same qualities, but it does not last long – the polish gets tacky very quickly (you’ll never be able to finish a bottle without adding a thinner), it develops a really strong / unpleasant odor after a while, it shrinks a bit once it’s applied over your polish – leaving a weird, bare, perimeter on your nails, and it’s also a little more expensive.

Sorry this turned into kind of a crazy rant, but in conclusion: INM OutTheDoor is phenomenal. I would highly, highly recommend this top coat to anyone!

Have you tried INM OutTheDoor before?

Do you have another top coat that YOU swear by?

Let me know!



A Perfectly Pink Vacation Manicure

The night before we left for the Bahamas, I gave my Mom and myself gel manicures so our nails would be chip free and shiny the entire week we were away.

We both wanted a bright, tropical pink shade, so I got out my OPI Axxium Pinks & Pales starter kit…

They have a really amazing shade called “Strawberry Margarita”…

This particular color painted on pretty sheer, so I ended up using 3 coats…which made my nails super thick. I took a couple of pictures (polish photographs are so odd, you’ll notice it looks like two completely different colors)!
In person this shade was definitely most similar to the second picture.
The mani lasted flawlessly all week, but once we got home, I was slightly impatient (as usual) and wanted a fresh manicure. I decided to give my nails a break from gel for a bit, and went with my all time favorite polish- Sally Hansen’s “Shall We Dance”
When using regular nail polish I refuse to use anything other than a quick dry top coat- so I picked up a new bottle of the best
Seche Vite- this stuff is AMAZING!

Three days in and my nails are holding up! They’re still shiny, and luckily no chips or breaks (keeping my fingers crossed)! Every  2-3 days I’ll continue to add another top coat. 🙂

Do you like to mix up your polish colors for a vacation? Reds and orange’s are some other vaca favorites, what are yours?
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