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Happy Tuesday! This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but it was a little crazy at work -whoops! I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday week. Did it feel super long to you too? Weekend festivities, then back to work, then mid-week holiday festivities, then back to work again, followed by more weekend festivities┬ádefinitely wore me out. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, so I was grateful for all the fun outings/parties/picnics with friends and family to keep me busy. ­čÖé


SEPHORA Gift Guide, VLOG, and TV Deets!

Countdown to Christmas = 3 weeks from TODAY! Luckily, I’ve finished most of my shopping. I have just a few gifts left to grab and I’m sure you do too. So today, I’m sharing my SEPHORA Gift Guide that will hopefully help out anyone who’s still a bit stumped. I rounded up a bunch of hot items this year, exclusive holiday gift sets, and a few of my all-time favorite products …for good measure. ­čśë


Winter Beauty Essentials

Getting through the winter months unscathed can be a challenge – especially when it comes to keeping our┬ábodies moisturized. Come December, I have a handful of products that I C.A.N.N.O.T┬álive without.

[Note: this is not some fancy/schmancy list of over-priced, regularly-seen-on-celebrity-instagrams, don’t-actually-work-that-well-but-are-the-“it”-products-of-the-moment. These are actual items that I own & genuinely LOVE!]

Check them out ­čÖé …


Phytophanere Hair & Nails Vitamins

I recently became super frustrated with my slow-growing nails & decided to try something new! During the warmer months my nails grow significantly faster & stronger. In the colder Fall/Winter months…not so much.

I tweeted something about my impatient-ness & got a super convincing reply!

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 11.59.22 AMSo what did I do? Ordered those suckers.

photo 1
Phytophanere Hair & Nails Vitamins – available at Sephora.

They run you about $60 for a 2 month supply. 120 pills per bottle – 2 pills/day.

photo 2

They look like oily coffee beans & have a hint of a chocolatey(?) smell to them. They go down easy – no overpowering odor or texture.

photo 3

I read dozens of reviews and they all seemed to be pretty amazing! Tons of reports of stronger, longer & thicker hair & nails. Some people claim it took as little as 1 week to see a noticeable difference, while others saw significant results after four months. Regardless, all reviews strongly recommend sticking with it & taking them daily.

I started taking these pills two weeks ago & can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference just yet, but I am hopeful. I didn’t exactly start with the shortest of nails or hair. (My apologies in advance for not taking better tracking photos).

photo 1
After 1 week taking Phytos. (I’m trying to get my nails back to square after another stint with the almond-shape)
After 2 weeks taking Phytos.
After 2 weeks taking Phytos. (I’m wearing Gelish “I’m No Stranger to Love” from the Under Her Spell Fall collection)
After 3 weeks of taking phytos. A tiny corner of one nail broke over the weekend so I had to file them down a bit :( but you can see the growth in the nail bed.
After 3 weeks of taking phytos. A tiny corner of one nail broke over the weekend so I had to file them down a bit ­čÖü but you can see the growth in the nail bed. (Still wearing the same gelish polish as week two.)

I see some growth, but not an outstanding amount just yet.

And of course, I’ve been cuticle-oiling like crazy. Especially with the colder weather – my cuticles and hands get very dry.

My current favorites are my go-to Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil & Lush Lemony Flutter which I recently picked up (smells like PEZ! So good).
My current favorites are my go-to Sally Hansen Vitamin E oil & Lush’s Lemony Flutter which I recently picked up. It smells like PEZ candies is works wonders for dry hands!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my Phytos experiment! Check back soon!

Has anyone ever tried Phytos vitamins? What did you think? How were your results?

Nude, but not so naked lips

I’ve had an obsession with brown/nude lips lately and have been picking up a ton of different products to achieve the look I’m craving! I’m really happy with what I found and wanted to share 4 of my favorites with you:

1) NYC City Proof “Gold With Me” 460:

I picked this up at CVS for $2-$3. It goes on very light…as in white light, not sheer light, and has a ton of shimmer

2) NARS Female Trouble:

My friend Nikki worked at Sephora, and recently moved out of the country. Before she left she gave me a huge (seriously, HUGE) bag of products and this gloss was in it! It goes on as a deep brown shade that appears with a hint of pink/red. I love it!

3) NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain Never Ending Nude 492

This I snagged at CVS for $4-$6. I love lip stains! This shade goes great under all of the glosses/sticks ­čÖé

4) Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick/Rosseto

Another CVS find for about $7? Great lipstick! A true nude shade


L to R: NYC Gold With Me, NARS, NYC Never Ending Nude, Rimmel London

I’ve been using these products religiously for the last couple of weeks. I recently Instagram-ed this pictures of the NARS gloss:

This lip is actually the NYC Stain with the NARS on top! I loved the combo!
This lip is the NYC stain, with the Rimmel lipstick on top, and a light coat of the NYC gloss

I really like all of these products! I’d have to say that my absolute favorites are the Rimmel Lipstick and the NARS gloss. The NYC gloss is probably my least favorite…there’s a little too much shimmer for me. The good news is that most of them are definitely affordable and can be found in nearly any drug or beauty store.

Let me know if you have a favorite nude lip product!

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