Great Gifts For Mom!

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Mothers day GG

Unfortunately, there’ll be no WIWTW today [I’m sorry!!] It’s been a crazy week + I’m in the process of moving out of my apartment – so my OOTD’s were reallllly not worth documenting. Instead, I wanted to share a little gift guide for Mom since Mother’s Day is just 2 weeks away! 🙂


Easter Sunday Style

Easter week continues on amanda-bella!

Growing up, Easter was the one holiday that we’d all get to wear a fabulous new outfit. A fancy dress, tights, big hat, gloves, shiny shoes – the whole nine.

Either the Easter bunny was really good to me, or I was pretty excited about this outfit. Wow. LOL


Ladies Who Lunch…and Shop!

Good Morning!

Today I have part three of my four part Christmas break round-up for you. (Find part one: here and two: here)!

So, I’ve had my (recently engaged!!) best friend since I was born! Literally, our Mom’s met in the hospital. My Mom was in labor with me, and her Mom (pregnant with her), was my NICU nurse. They became friends, and after that we became friends, our brothers became friends, and our sisters became friends – all the same age.

We all used to spend nearly every day together growing up, but due to life (sigh), we don’t get to spend as much time together anymore. Over the holiday we miraculously all had time off & decided to have a girls day (missed you, bro’s)!

It was such a wonderful afternoon of tea, treats, makeup, shopping, and plenty of laughs. 😉

The day started with my best friend asking me to be her maid of honor! I am so excited to co-moh her wedding with her little sister. It's going to be amazing :)
The day started with such a high! We all met at my friend’s house before we left and she asked me to be her maid of honor! I was so honored that she wanted me to play such an important role in her big day and I am so excited to co-moh the wedding with her little sister next Summer. It’s going to be amazing 🙂


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