Too-Cute: Two Piece Skirt Set

I used to be really weird about wearing anything that matched. By “matched”, I mean pieces made of identical fabrics and colors. Skirts and blouses, pants and tops, even bikinis of the same print totally irked me…can’t really tell you why! However, over the past couple of years I’ve begun to really dig the matchy matchy thing and thank goodness for that, because this insanely adorable outfit may have never made it into my closet! 😉


2014 Emmy Fashion Favorites

Back to back red carpets?! What a fun treat to make my first week back from vacation a little more exciting [vaca post in the works]!

I posted my faves and fails of the VMA fashion on Monday & couldn’t help but whip up another blog for the swoon-worthy Emmy looks as well.

First off, my least favorite:

I'm SO SORRY Lena, I love you. You're brilliant. Your dress hurts my heart.
I’m SO SORRY Lena, I love you. You’re brilliant. Your dress hurts my heart.

My most FAVORITE look of the night came from Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland.

I couldn’t stop googling pictures of her on the red carpet! The dress, the colors, the hair, jewels, makeup, polish, everything – stunning. I’d wear this entire ensemble in a heartbeat!! Perfection!
Even if she did have a shoe meltdown. Girl after my own heart, I could see myself freaking out & doing the same. It was kind of funny -read about it here.
…Even if she did have a shoe meltdown. Girl after my own heart. I could see myself freaking out & doing the same. Shoes can be difficult! It was kind of funny – read about it here.

Another note-worthy contender for Best Dressed goes to Julia Roberts.

A) She's glowing. B) Her dress is such a healthy balance of style, class, and youth. C) Her legs are insane.
A) She’s glowing. B) Her dress is such a healthy balance of style, class, and youth. C) Her legs are insane.

There was so much fabulousness at the Emmys, it put the VMA’s to shame!

What were your favorite & least favorite looks of the night?

Click here to see a full gallery from the 2014 Emmy red carpet!



Fall Shoe Shopping

I did some serious Fall shopping a couple of weeks ago, included in that spree was some shoe shopping.  I went to Mandees; I hadn’t been there in a while, but they are always good for finding fabulous, and affordable shoes! Lucky for me, they were having a buy one, get one half off sale, so I decided to stock up for the season!

Let me start by sharing some depressing news…lately I’ve been having a harder time wearing heels, my feet just don’t enjoy them like they used to *MAJOR SIGH*. Not only do heels feel sexier and more fun than flats, but they give me an extra few inches to my already miniature 5′ .5″ self. While I’m not swearing them off altogether, I decided it was time to invest in some comfortable flats.

Fortunately, I found a few adorable pairs:

A simple brown suede
Black and gold alligator-esque shoes
Blue suede! I have actually been dying for a pair of blue suede shoes for a while!

Obviously during a BOGO, I couldn’t ignore the heels! So I picked up a few pairs that will serve me well.

Nude pumps- awful lighting 🙁
Black suede, double buckle Mary Jane-ish pumps. I am dying to pair these with black tights and a skirt ASAP!
Black pumps with a gold toe! I was drawn to these, I had to take them home with me 😉

Naturally I had to peruse the accessories…

I snagged this blue Nine West clutch with optional chain link strap
…And this gold plated necklace…as my roomie would say my “Walk Like an Egyptian” necklace LOL

Mandees had so many great pumps, flats and boots! I need to get back ASAP and pick up a few other pairs I had been eyeing… something about taking multiple trips to the same store, and making multiple purchases makes spending money not as bad.

What are you wearing on your feet this season? Let me know where you found some great Fall shoes!

PS: For the mani lovers, here are my most recent:

Started with Gelish “Skinny Vanilla Latte”…
…it was too light for the season so I ended up putting a couple coats of Gelish “Black Cherry Berry” on top 🙂

I just changed my polish color this afternoon…stay tuned for that pic! 😉


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