Complete Closet Overhaul

I’m not sure what it is about the past few weeks [maybe the fact that I’ll be 26 next week (OMG)]…but I have been oddly obsessed with simplifying my life & giving it a little refresh. Starting with my wardrobe.

This simplification process began with a book. I stumbled upon Lauren Conrad’s book, STYLE last week. While flipping through the pages, I was immediately drawn to her chapter about overhauling your closet.

Lauren Conrand STYLE

Needless to say, I bought the book, and the moment I got home I spent the entire night parting with items I was unable to let go of for YEARS! Honestly, 8, 9, 10 years…

Maybe it’s because I adore her style, or because her book actually made a ton of sense, but I was finally able to understand that were was no reason to keep things because they could work, I might wear them, they haven’t completely fallen apart or they’re practically brand new – if it hasn’t been worn, it’ll probably never be worn, and if it has been worn so much that it’s actually become damaged – it’s just not a good look. That should have clicked forever ago.

The beginning of it all.
The beginning of it all.

I spent the evening trying on everything I owned & with the help of my roommate we were able to yay & nay our way through my closet in a few hours.

Once my wardrobe was wiped – I determined which items were sellable (is that a word?), which were returnable for a refund or store credit (never worn with tags still in tact), and which would be better off tossed. I put everything into bags and got rid of it! Such a relieving feeling. I actually feel like I have MORE clothes than I did before because I can actually see all of my pieces, and I know that they’re all pieces I will wear.

To keep the momentum & excitement going  – I’ve begun slowly refilling my closet with new items that will surely be worn for years to come. For example, I chucked a pair of brown cork wedges that I’ve had since 2004 – after 10 years it’s safe to say that they’d seen better days – but I was still wearing them all of the time. After parting, I knew I had to replace them. I was on a hunt for a few days before I found a new pair. They were definitely an upgrade, super comfortable & exactly what I was looking for. So I bought them 🙂

Building your wardrobe is like decorating a room – it takes time. You can’t just go out one day and expect to find everything you’re looking for. Plus, it makes the process more fun – it’s like a treasure hunt! What’s better than finally coming across the item you’ve been searching for?! Spreading out these purchases & taking the time to find the right item is an affordable way to freshen up your wardrobe, and ensure that you purchase only what you LOVE.

This is *not* my wardrobe, but its a realistic goal for me :)
This is *not* my closet, but its a fairly realistic goal for me 🙂

As for long term goals…

...a girl can dream, right?
…a girl can dream, right?

Anyways, back to reality. I’m so into this whole wardrobe thing right now, and have so many more fashion-related posts in store. 😉


…Stay  tuned!




End-Of Summer Shopping

So I found this post from August in my drafts and realized that I never published it! Whoops!

Better late than never. Enjoy  🙂 —->



I’d say that this is the saddest, yet most exciting time of the year for most ladies. Summer is coming to an end (which is down right depressing), but Fall & it’s phenomenal fashion is just around the corner!

I took a mini shopping trip over the weekend to some of my favorite go-to bargain spots. I wasn’t in the mood to go spending money for the heck of it, so I told myself that I would only pick up things that I absolutely loved, that were suitable for work, and that would be good assets to my wardrobe!

I rarely go to the mall, but I had to make a trip to the Apple store. While I was there, I figured I would stop by Forever21 and H&M. I tried on a few things that I really liked, but didn’t meet my criteria for purchase – so I decided to sit on them and return another time if they stayed on my mind. Glad I did, because I kind of forgot about them already lol.

However, I did need a new tote for my laptop, and lucked out at H&M!

I love this bag! I actually had my laptop with me since I needed it for my Apple visit, so I was able to put it in the tote & try it out. I love the simple look, the extra pockets & the long/short strap options - huge bonus! (H&M, $24.00)
I love this bag! I actually had my laptop with me since I needed it for my Apple visit, so I was able to put it in the tote & try it out. I love the simple look, the extra pockets & the long/short strap options – huge bonus! (H&M, $24.00)

I’ve been on the hunt for fitted slacks – I always buy pairs that are too long & need to be hemmed (which I never do) so straight legged, ankle pants are my new go-to! I stopped by TJ’s to peruse their selection and found this great pair of navy blue Cynthia Rowley slacks. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – Cynthia Rowley designs are amazing! The quality, the fabrics, the fit! I swear. Everything I try on feels as though it was tailored just for me.

Paired with a cute top, belt  & pair of pumps - these are the perfect slacks for work!
Paired with a cute top, belt & pair of pumps or flats – these are the perfect slacks for work! (TJ Maxx $24.00)

Next to TJ’s is one of my high school faves, Mandees! I’m starting to feel a little too old for this store, but the cute & affordable finds keep driving me in!

Love a good peplum
I’m still digging the peplum trend. They are always good for a clean, classy & forgiving look. (Mandees, $16.99 – but I snagged it for 50% off!)
LOVED this jumpsuit in the dressing room!
I LOVED this jumpsuit in the dressing room…
...So I brought it home :)
…So I brought it home 🙂 This KIND of met my criteria, but I’ve been searching for the perfect jumpsuit for so long. It can be worn for a night out, casually during the day or to work with a small sweater & chunky necklace. Either way, I’m SO in love with it, two people in the store actually stopped me to say they had purchased it as well! Definitely my favorite find of the day ! (Mandee’s, $40)
Super cozy Fuchsia sweater
I was drawn to this super cozy Fuchsia sweater (front) immediately. They had it in a few other colors, but I thought that this one was perfect! I’m always trying to brighten up my wardrobe and avoid the tempting lure of black, white, and grey.
With the most adorable key hole/black bow on the back!
It has the most adorable key hole/black bow on the back! So feminine, yet still comfortable & warm. Best part? No need for a fancy bra – this just makes the cut 🙂 (Mandee’s $16.99)
So looking forward to breaking in these strappy pumps!
I always laugh because believe it or not, Mandee’s really does have a great shoe selection! I tried on so many pairs and finally settled on these pumps. This older woman came over and was gawking at the shoes, she ended up getting a similar pair! I can’t wait to break them in. (Mandee’s $24.00)

I’m really excited about my finds & the upcoming Fall season! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open & picking up some more pieces here & there!

Have you started Fall shopping?

Where did you score some good finds?

Family Fun: Black Friday

So this year on Black Friday…..I slept in and avoided the madness, because that is not my style lol.

I actually had a lovely day with my Mom & Sister! We decided to run some errands together & grab lunch.

One of my favorite things about going home is that I never have to worry about packing anything cute, because I have full access to my little sisters wardrobe – which gives mine a run for its money. I picked out this great sweater to wear on Friday- it had a pocket in the front and a lace up back! It was so comfortable, I would have definitely taken it home if she hadn’t just bought it lol.

She picked it up on clearance for $3! That’s my girl 😉

The three of us went to lunch at O’Neils, a small local spot that we love – they have the yummiest sandwiches!

They completely decked out the restaurant for Christmas 🙂
How cool is this photo that was next to our table? These trees are actually in my hometown!
I got my favorite sandwich: the “Emily” -turkey with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and bacon with thousand island dressing on the softest seven-grain bread. SO good!!

Afterwards, we went shopping to pick up some things to send in a care package to my cousin Donny who is currently serving over seas.

I love this picture of him <3
I love this picture of him <3
Stealing his FB pcis ;)
Stealing his FB pcis 😉

My Aunt has been collecting items from family members, friends and co-workers to send to his unit, so we picked up some things they’ve been asking for.

Some things in my basket 🙂
How cute is my Mom?! She was picking up some puzzle books
Lot’s of goodies 🙂
…and more goodies!
I didn’t want to neglect the ladies who are over there too! So naturally, I picked up some festive nail polishes 🙂

We had a lot of fun shopping for them!

**Quick pause for a mini Spanish Christmas Jam-Sesh**:

My sister and cousin scoping everything out![/caption]

So many delicious snacks!
…and more snacks!
I loved this collar necklace
Katherine modeling a pearl & ribbon necklace from their Christmas collection
I was loving this necklace too!
My sister & cousin
I ended up ordering this choker plated necklace. I really adored it; it is the perfect piece to wear through the holidays!

Black Friday was a lot of fun this year! I never do the crazy early-morning shopping madness thing – I’m more of a cyber Monday chick ;), but it was fun to spend time with my family, shop for others & pick out some jewelry for the holidays!

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