Sweater Dresses


I believe that your Thanksgiving Day outfit needs to be 3 things...

1. Comfortable 2. Stretchy 3. Stylish

Over the years, I've found that a sweater dress is the perfect combination of  all three, & my go- Turkey Day look!

If you're in the market for the perfect Thanksgiving sweater dress, tap over for some cute & comfy finds!

This long sleeve polo sweater dress comes in gray & brown. It hits all 3 criteria and can easily be dressed up or down for Thanksgiving!

We love a belted moment! I have a feeling that you will keep this turtleneck midi sweater dress on repeat long after Turkey Day!

The cut & color of this dress are just plain FUN! This mini is equal parts stylish & comfy. You cannot go wrong!

A dress that wears like a cozy blanket? Count me in! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner followed by a nice nap on the couch!

What's your go-to Thanksgiving look?

Have a happy & stylish Thanksgiving!