Nail art can be intimidating, but there are some easy designs that you can definitely DIY with minimal skills!


I'm going to show you how to create a sleek nail design with just 2 polishes! Grab a light + dark shade.

We're going to start by working with the lighter color. 

This is "Angelfish" by Olive & June

Carefully paint one coat of this color over your nail. Get as close to the edges as possible without touching the skin. 

Once it's dry, paint a second coat on your nails. Again, get as close to the edges as possible.

Once that's dry, grab your darker polish!

This is "Social Studies" by Olive & June

Carefully paint one coat of this color over the lighter polish. This time, intentionally leave some room between the polish and the skin!

Paint a second coat to reveal the true shade! I think the rounded, wider brushes work best for this design!

I like to finish every manicure with a generous top coat! Don't forget to cap the edge of the nail!

This is the Super Glossy Top Coat from Olive & June (and it's AMAZING!)

And that is IT. Can we just stare at these for a little bit? Insert heart eyes here...

Don't be afraid to try some DIY nail art. It's a lot easier than you may think!




Happy Painting! XO