Tortoise shell manicures are a work of art! They're simply stunning & surprisingly ...not as hard to DIY as you'd think.

I'm going to show you how to create the design at home using just 3 polishes! 

We're going to start with a lighter shade in the orange or yellow family  Be sure it has a jelly finish.

Carefully paint one coat onto your nail. Get as close to the edges as possible without touching the skin. 

While the nail is still wet, grab a red/brick shade! Also  with a jelly finish.

Paint some red spots around the nail. Working while the 1st coat is wet allows the polish to bleed together. 

Last, grab a brown polish. Again ...with a jelly finish!

Add some brown spots on top of the red ones! Again, work with wet layers so the colors blend nicely.

REPEAT all three steps for a really rich, deep manicure!

Last, finish with a generous coat of your favorite topcoat!

And that is IT! Are you surprised by how easy that was to do?

Light's Lacquer makes a complete Tortoise Manicure Set, but you don't need it! Just work with similar polishes you already have!