Hand & Nail Care Products For The Office 

amanda bella

Keeping your nails and manicure looking 100% requires just a little bit of TLC. For those who spend their days at the office, make sure you have these products at your desk! 



Nothing ruins a manicure     quicker than a break or a chip. Keep a file on hand to smooth out unwelcome jagged edges ASAP.

1. nail file

Bring your nail polish to work! Really, grab the color you're wearing (or something close) to fill in any chips that may appear.

2. current     color

A hangnail or frayed cuticle is as much of an eyesore as a broken nail. Keep a mini nipper on hand for quick & painless removal.

3. CuticlE     Clipper

I SWEAR by cuticle oil & believe it can single handedly transform your nails. Use it after you wash your hands & at your leisure throughout the day. 

4. CuticlE oil

Keep a small orange stick or a stainless steel pusher in your drawer! Use it to gently push cuticles back after applying oil.  Your nails will thank you! 

5. Cuticle     pusher

6. hand cream

Hydrated hands are just as important has hydrated nails. A cream designed for both is a must have! Use it throughout the day to keep skin smooth.

Get into the habit of tending to your nails & hands throughout the day to see how quick it is to transform & maintain them!

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