Did you know that your favorite designer perfume may be available for half the price? 

I'll show you >>

Dossier is a fair alternative to luxury scents! They eliminate retailer markups, celebrity marketing, and licensing fees to offer designer scents for 70-90% less.

Browse for dozens of designer dupe perfumes and colognes. Find your favorite men, women, and unisex scents.

Once your order is placed, it will arrive in a box made of 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated material.

Each package comes with a full breakdown of your product. The notes, inspiration, concentration, and how their process works.

All scents are under $30 and every order is risk free! If you don't like what you receive, return it for a full refund.

One of my favorite things about Dossier is their minimalistic bottle design. They're simple, clean, and look great on your bathroom counter, vanity, or desk.

"Access to premium fragrances shouldn’t be a privilege for the 1%, but the norm for all. We strive for fairness & believe in offering high-quality fragrances at a price you can afford."


Don't see your favorite perfume?  Sit tight! Dossier is constantly adding new scents to their collection.

& feel free to use code  AmandaB10 for a discount!