by: amanda bella

Without a fancy ultrasonic device, it may seem impossible to keep your jewelry shining & sparkling clean!

However, there is a fabulous $20 product that will polish up your gold, silver, antique and costume jewelry in seconds!

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- Earth friendly  - No harsh ingredients - No ammonia, acid, abrasives -  Cleans jewelry, glasses, ceiling fans, & anything with a screen!

It can do everything! However, the jewelry transformations are the most impressive! You have to see what I'm talking about...

Here is a real oval diamond on a 14K gold band BEFORE using Top Purple...

1. Spray jewelry  2. Use soft brush  3. Rinse!


Dry & shine the jewelry with a soft cloth and prepare to be amazed!

...Can you see the difference?

BEFORE              AFTER

How about NOW?! The transformation of this stone is incredbile!

If you don't have a bottle of this on hand, you're missing out! You won't find anything better at this price point.

Try it out for  yourself! XO