You could be using the *best* polish on the market, but a manicure is only as good as its top coat. And unfortunately, all top coats are not created equal.

If you're in the market for a glossy, long-lasting, or fast-drying top coat... I've got you covered!


Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat $5

*Available online, at Target, Walmart, & most drugstores

If you need something fast drying, the INM Out The Door top coat is IT. This will  become your go-to for everyday manicures!


Super Glossy Topcoat $8

*Available  online & at Target

The Olive & June Super Glossy Top Coat works so well atop O&J colors! The best part is that it's perfectly compatible with other brands as well!


Gel Setter Top Coat $9

*Available online, at Target, Walmart, & most drugstores

The Essie Gel Setter has a thick, shiny, gel-like finish that instantly elevates any manicure. By far the most luxe top coat on this list!

A generous coat of any of these will transform your manicure into something fab!

Shop them all here!