90's  trends that are back!

By: Amanda Bella

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The 90's were iconic for so many reasons. Aside from a few cringe worthy looks... it was a fabulous era for style & beauty.

As we know, trends are cyclical & the 90's are having their major come back moment right now!

TAP OVER  for 3 style & beauty trends that you may want to consider partaking in!


OH YES! You better believe that these bad boys are back. And they're cuter than ever. You can't go wrong when function meets fashion.

Both UNDER $20!

This one is great if you have a smaller head!


Everyone is trying to get their hands on a mini bag these days! The smaller the better. All you need is enough room for your phone & essentials!

Less is more!

Which trend would you like to try out?

Stay trendy my friends!