Curate a Closet You LOVE!

by Amanda bella

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

How To:

Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes you don't wear? You're not alone.

"The majority of people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time."

- Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner Author of You Are What You Wear

Here are 5 tips to help you wear 100% of your wardrobe, 100% of the time. 

Figure out your TRUE style. Identify which pieces make you feel good, confident, and comfortable.  Hint: the ones you usually wear.

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Your true style may not be #goals to you, but it's realistic. Though we spend a lot of time online, we do LIVE in the real world, and we should dress for it.

Buy the BASICS. Invest in good jeans, good jackets, and good shoes. By "good" we're talking quality & fit. Don't be afraid of the tailor!

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The best thing about basic pieces is that they're always in style! Don't feel too guilty for splurging on the best. These items are the foundation of your wardrobe.

*Just be sure to take proper care of them so they'll last!

If you haven't worn it, you're probably not going to. Bite the bullet and donate, sell, or toss anything that's collecting dust.

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Of course we buy unique tops or dresses in hopes of debuting them at a fancy event, but if it's been sitting idle for years...said event probably isn't happening.

A trend isn't always your friend. The rush we get from purchasing the latest "it" piece usually doesn't last. Be selective when deciding which trends to invest in. 

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If you own + love something, wear it! Today, tomorrow, and next week. Don't be afraid to bring your A-game when it comes to your outfits. It'll translate into everything else that you do.

Stop saving clothes for a special occasion. TODAY is a special Occassion.

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By all means, it's OK to add to cart when you feel moved by the latest style! Just be smart about the buy. Be sure it's something you can see yourself wearing for more than one season.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Here's to more fabulous outfits for many  years to come!