Simple & Stylish Patriotic Manicures

I love holiday manicures & the 4th of July is the perfect time to get creative!

Now, as much as I’m into my nails, I’m not really into crazy nail art. I do mix it up a little bit, but overall, I’m pretty simple when it comes to my manis which surprises people, but it’s just my style. 🙂

This weekend, my cousin is actually getting married [SO EXCITED!!] so I’m opting out of a festive red, white, and blue mani in exchange for a polish that compliments my dress – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been oogling the fun designs that have been coming across my social timelines!

Here are a couple of my favorite, simplistic, but still ode-to-America manicure picks!

Love this look from Lulu's.
Love this look from Lulu’s.
A little Minnie-Mouse-y, but I love! From PinsPlace.
A little Minnie-Mouse-y, but I love! From PinsPlace.


Similar concept as above with a little more glitter, from Tends-Style.
Similar concept as Lulu’s, but with a little more glitter, from @vickyaliceb
Love this look from Bloomin Beauty Blog!
Love this look from Bloomin Beauty Blog!
A simple RWB from Peek & Ponder!
A simple RWB from Peek & Ponder!
May be the cutest little accent nail ever - from Pretty Prudent.
May be the cutest little accent nail ever – from Pretty Prudent.

Did you find a cute mani design for the 4th? Link it below!

I hope that everyone has a safe & Happy 4th of July weekend!


Winter Manicures

Did January literally fly by, or was that just me?

I’ve been up to a LOT & am trying to recap everything in a few different posts. Naturally, my first one is dedicated to my favorite topic – nails! I’ve had a few January manicures  that I wanted to share –

1) Sally Hansen – Shell We Dance. I rang in 2013 with this color! It’s an all time favorite, and I was craving something neutral after my dark and dramatic holiday nails. This fit the bill perfectly.

Sally Hansen - Shell We Dance
Sally Hansen – Shell We Dance

2- Zoya -Loredana. This is a matte polish, however, I used a clear topcoat since I knew that my cuticle oil would destroy the matte film. This was such a fun color!

Zoya -
Zoya – Loredana

3- Gelish – Sugar Daddy. Sometimes you just crave BLUE! I swear, every few months I really want blue nails. I got so many compliments on this manicure. Sugar Daddy is one of my favorite blue hues!

Gelish - Sugar Daddy
Gelish – Sugar Daddy

4- Forever 21. I happen to love Forever 21 nail polishes (even if they don’t have names lol)! They’re cheap, wear pretty well & have an endless variety of colors. Whenever I have the urge to cut all of my nails off – red is my go to polish of choice!

Forever 21
Forever 21

5- Gelish – Night Reflection. LOVED this color. I cut my nails even shorter before this manicure, but I wore this polish longer than any of the others. The eggplant shade is a Winter favorite.

Gelish - Night Reflection
Gelish – Night Reflection

6- Gelish – Double Shot Espresso. I’m currently wearing this polish…going on day 6 and my nails still look flawless! I wanted something dark, but not black…or purple…or blue. So this brown was perfect. It reminds me of Sweet Chocolate, minus the shimmer! I’m hoping this one lasts me a while!

Gelish- Double Shot Espresso
Gelish- Double Shot Espresso

I am going to the Cayman Islands in a couple of weeks…

Can't wait!!!!
Can’t wait!!!!

…and I plan to do a really fun bright pink/orange/yellow/green manicure before I leave! I haven’t decided, but I’m looking forward to something a little more upbeat.  I’m thinking Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga or Shake it til you Samba!

Gelish Tiki Tiki Laragana or Shake it til you Samba!
You know 'Shake it..' is an all time fave!
You know ‘Shake it..’ is an all time fave!

I’ll let you know!

My Latest Obsession…

Here’s a little Spring color to brighten up the dreary Winter day we are having on the East Coast. I had a dream the other night that I bought a pair of fuchsia skinny jeans, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since!

I have red, pink, grey, and blue skinny jeans that I adore, but I’m ready to expand to my collection for the Spring/Summer months. I’m officially on a hunt for pairs of fuchsia, peach, yellow, and greens!

Gap, Express, J. Crew, and Pac Sun have all been recommended to me by some lovely twitter followers.

Where have you found the comfiest pair?

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