Ahhh! I Got Bangs!

If you’ve ever wanted to totally change up your hair, you’ll want to check this out! DIY bangs

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Step Into My Office…

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo on Instagram + mentioned that I had built myself a little home office/work space that I planned to share  with you soon. Well, today is that day! 🙂

Amanda Bella Desk

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Flashback Friday | Halloween Edition

Ahhh it’s Halloween weekend! I LOVE dressing up, but I have to admit, it gets harder + harder every single year! I’m a big DIY-er when it comes to costumes. In college, I had SO much time to bedazzle and create the craziest outfits – these days…that luxury seems long gone. 😦


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The Perfect Blowout at Home

Let me just throw this out there now…I am not a hair girl.

I have thin, fine hair that seriously lacks bounce + volume…among other things. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours [and dollars] trying to figure out how to give it a little life. And I eventually did! I’ve discovered a few fabulous tools, tricks, and products that have definitely made blow drying my hair so much easier!


Today, I’m going to share some of my go-to products/tools, as well as two of my latest faves with you!

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DIY | Necklace Board

Statement necklaces… a key component to any wardrobe, and a pain in the butt to store!

After many failed attempts, I finally created the perfect display that has helped me to keep my collection [fairly] organized and at the ready!


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DIY | Silver Jewelry Cleaner

Today, I’m bringing you a post that is a little different!

I usually wear gold jewelry, but while putting together some outfits over the weekend, I realized that for a couple of looks,  silver accessories would be best. After pulling out a few of my favorite pieces, I noticed they were looking pretty rough. So, being the DIY enthusiast that I am, I figured I’d try to make my own silver jewelry cleaner.  The results…impressive!

Silver cleaner

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