While I love to shop, I never spend a lot of money on clothes. 95% of the time you will find me in a TJ’s, Marshalls, Target, or Consignment. The other 5% I am in sale or clearance racks. I rarely pay full price for anything, because 1) I know I’ll be over it in a few months, and 2) I wouldn’t get to shop as often if I was paying full price for everything I purchased!

When I was younger I used to sign up for any and every club that would give me a plastic rewards card. (I needed something to put in my wallet!) CVS, Bobs Stores, and my personal favorite… the Bath and Body Works Art Stuff Club card…

Anywho- after all these years, I still get Bob’s Dollars in the mail twice a year. I got $10 in the mail the other day, and while I don’t normally shop there, I figured I should go look around before the coupon expired (free money, right?).

I wasn’t in the mood to spend anything, because I really didn’t need anything, nor did I particularly care for the clothes they were carrying. So I scoured the clearance racks to make the most of my $10 and I ended up finding some cute things.

I found this navajo-esque skirt for only $3.00!

The skirt is super light, with an elastic waist so it can be worn high or low on the hips.

I wore it to work today with a black turtle neck and suede knee high boots. I love that it can also be downplayed and worn casually. It can definitely work in the summer months with a tank.

On the clearance rack, I came across this silky top tucked way in the back…

It was only $3.00 as well! It looks really cute with a cardigan and slacks, or leggings. The cotton racer back makes it super casual, so in the warmer months it is totally acceptable with a pair of white shorts or even over a bathing suit. I love year round pieces!

To be honest, those were the only cute, and super cheap clothing items I could find. However, I did come across these cute convertibles finger-mittens:

Each pair was only $3! (That must have been my lucky number for the night.)

I wore the blue pair today…

For anyone wondering, my polish is a UV Gelish Mini- "Night Reflection" (..and that's day 5! I love gel manis! But that's a whole other post!)
Perfect for my ice cold steering wheel in the AM!

So in total, I only ended up spending $2.00 for some really cute finds!

Do you like to bargain shop? What are your go-to stores?

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